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General / Delay when exiting a game [AM is shelled]
« on: December 04, 2016, 04:15:23 AM »

I'm testing AttractMode as a Windows Shell right now. My setup is a Windows 7 Pro x64 computer with GroovyMAME and CRT Emudriver on a Sony PVM Monitor. I start AM with C:\attractmode\attract.exe -c C:\attract in the correct Registry Hive.

If I run a game it starts fine. But when I exit the game there is a delay of 5-7 seconds until I can see the frontend again. I tested it with several settings like Window (no border),etc. There is always a delay. When I select Fullscreen and start a game i cannot see anything but hear the sound/music of the game. When I press Esc the frontend appears immediately. This is a very strange behavior I think. This problem only occurs when I use attract.exe as a Windows shell. When I start AttractMode normally it works fine and exits without any delay.

Does anyone can help me out on this problem? If someone needs a video or screenshots just tell me.
btw I tried the Resfix Option, but didn't make any difference.

Best regards,


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