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General / Rpi 3 - audio but no video on some videos
« on: February 03, 2017, 04:07:17 PM »
Rpi 3 - audio but no video on some videos

I used the FAQ to update my Retropie + AttractMode, including compiling fmpeg with hardware acceleration support (I had a floob 0.5 image).
Everything went well and I can now play the intro video at 720p (the original at 1080p stil stutters a lot), which is nice.
However, on all the videos from Progetto VideoSnaps (mp4), I get only sound & no video. I tried some vids from emumovies, and those work ok.
After exiting Attract Mode, I tried to play the Progetto videos with ffplay, and they played correctly. Can this be considered as a bug?
If it's any help, Here's the result from ffmpeg -i on one of the videos:

Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from '/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/mame-libretro/snap/bublbobl.mp4':
    major_brand     : isom
    minor_version   : 512
    compatible_brands: isomiso2avc1mp41
    title           : Bubble Bobble (Japan, Ver 0.1) [MAME]
    artist          : Progetto VideoSnaps by motoschifo & AntoPISA [gameplay by motoschifo]
    encoder         : Lavf54.20.4
    comment         : Created with: Mame version 0.161,
                    : Played by: motoschifo,
                    : Game name: bublbobl - Bubble Bobble (Japan, Ver 0.1),
                    : Date game played: 23 maggio 2015,
                    : Date video creation: 3 novembre 2015,
                    : Type: shortplay single-screen,
                    : Manufacturer: Taito Corporation,
                    : Display resolution: 256x224px,
                    : Link for info:,
                    : Copyright (C) - All rights reserved - Tutti i marchi e loghi appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari
    genre           : MAME video preview (shortplay)
  Duration: 00:01:20.22, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 242 kb/s
    Stream #0:0(und): Video: h264 (High 4:4:4 Predictive) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv444p, 256x224 [SAR 7:6 DAR 4:3], 80 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 2997 tbn, 59.94 tbc (default)
      handler_name    : VideoHandler
    Stream #0:1(und): Audio: aac (LC) (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 155 kb/s (default)
      handler_name    : SoundHandler

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