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someone needed some help so i created a very basic how to video on how to setup mame using attract. I know it's possible to generate / import the complete list at once and never do it again but already had to explain too much. If you follow step by step using same paths you should be able to have setup mame and have some media for it

General / Game manuals plugin (Released)
« on: May 18, 2020, 03:03:33 PM »
Edit: it's released grab it here

Hello guys,

I'm working on a plugin to show game manuals inside attract, it should work with any layout but it does not display PDF files, you need to convert the pdf files to single page images first but i know of a tool from pdf tools to convert a pdf to png per page. So when my plugin is finished i'll provide it along with the plugin.

The plugin uses a lot of code from the SumatraPDF plugin but that plugin used an external pdf viewer and i wanted my manuals to be displayed inside attract itselve as i can't use an external pdf viewer on the pi.

Anyway the plugin is not finished yet but does work already you can see a previous video here on my youtube

I saw the libavresample option in the makefile so i configured ffmpeg with
"./configure --enable-mmal --disable-debug --enable-memalign-hack --enable-shared --enable-avresample"

and then edited the make file to make sure libavresmaple would be used it compiled fine and everything seems to run fine but can't seem to see / hear any diffrence.

should libavresmaple be faster than libswresample i see the makefile seems to give preference to libswresample but not certain if there is a reason for it or not.

Don't have any video's to test / benchmark with.

I think the choose has an impact on the audio resampler being used just don't know which one is faster in general

anyone can shed some light on this ?

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