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General / Installing MXE via home-brew on Mac to compile attract
« on: February 15, 2018, 06:05:56 PM »

Installing MXE via home-brew on Mac to compile attract.

I have home-brew already installed. Ran the following command:

Code: [Select]
brew install \
    autoconf automake coreutils gdk-pixbuf gettext \
    gnu-sed gnu-tar intltool libtool p7zip wget xz

This part of the requirements is what bothers me:

Some formulae are keg-only and will need brew link to be found.

You can tell there is some issues relating to keg-only based on the output from the command. Too long for this post so I will attach full length to post and in a gist link:

I tried running „make“ on the local repo and it confirms the issues:

Code: [Select]
Keils-iMac:mxe keiljr$ make
[check requirements]
Missing requirement: autopoint
Missing requirement: scons

Please have a look at "docs/index.html" to ensure
that your system meets all requirements.

Can anyone help me sort out what I need to do to get the requirements part working so I can compile attract for windows?

General / attract-tags
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:48:30 PM »
Pushed attract-tags to github.

attract tags is tag files for the AttractMode front end. It was designed because I was seeking an easy way to include my entire romset and extras while only showing certain games. The tag system is a great way to acomplish this, and even easier with some prebuilt tags!

Includes the "all filler, no killer“ separated into 2-player and 4-player tag lists, and neogeo. Let me know if you guys spot any issues with the tag lists, or have ideas for other lists.

General / Filter by Button Count
« on: January 29, 2018, 03:51:06 AM »
I would like to filter by button count. Apparently, this feature was added here. I am having trouble getting this to work.

Here’s some small snippets.

Emulator config:
Code: [Select]
import_extras        /Applications/mame0192b_macOS/catver.ini;/Applications/mame0192b_macOS/controls.ini;/Applications/mame0192b_macOS/nplayers.ini
Code: [Select]
2020bb;2020 Super Baseball (set 1);neogeo;;1991;SNK / Pallas;Sports / Baseball;2P sim;0;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;neogeo;;;

I have tried generating full romlist and there is no difference. controls.ini is the latest version 0.141.1. However, the commit says „- Now parses button count from mame -listxml output and allows filtering based on buttons“ so I assume it wouldn’t even need controls.ini file.

Anyone have any ideas of things to try? Or is this feature broken? I have the all killer no filler tag list ready to push to github, but want to make sure it can actually be filtered within attract mode, else I have to create separate lists for people with different amounts of buttons. :-[

General / Merged vs Split Romset and AttractMode
« on: January 24, 2018, 05:23:48 PM »
I have a merged romset. It saves space, and makes sense. My arcade machine is almost completely set up. There are child roms that I want to play instead of the parent rom, such as Sunset Riders where you can not pick any character in the 4 player version so it does not make sense on a 2 player cabinet.

How can I have attract mode or mame pick the correct version for specific games?

The only way I see is to manually edit the rom name field in the romlist.txt file.

General / Filter out drivers
« on: December 10, 2017, 01:24:47 PM »
Is there a way to filter in attractmode drivers from mame? It is not the same as Manufacturer. For instance, the driver for neogeo has many manufacturers that made games for it. I would like to use attract mode to pool all roms for that driver (system) instead of separating them manually.

Similar to mame built in function:
Code: [Select]
mame -listsoftware drivername

Scripting / rom_index
« on: November 23, 2017, 05:03:01 AM »

Code: [Select]
case 5: // "ListEntry"
rep = as_str( rom_index + 1 );

Is there any way to pull a rom_index in squirrel? I created a module Shuffle to navigate through slots. It would be nice to add the feature of having a list not loop. To do so, I would need to know the where a rom is in reference to the whole list.

Or am I overthinking features, just forget it and release the module?

Scripting / Modules and Plugin Gallery
« on: September 06, 2017, 01:35:33 AM »
We have a Themes Gallery, but lets start a Modules and Plugin Gallery for items you have created but is not included with attract mode by default. Important for theme users as well as developers. I am hoping that this thread helps with teamwork on projects to improve them, and inspire new ideas.

Include a title, link and description to your project. Keep images a minimum of 300x300 px just like the themes gallery.


* [Flavors](
* [mvscomplete](


* [FadeToGame](
* [Leap](


* [Helpers](
* [Shader](
* [Shuffle](

#### OTHER

* [Launch App](

I created a github issue here about the subject. I would like to have a responsive theme, but can not do so without a way of getting the attract mode window size instead of the screen size. I could possibly read and parse, but the file is not updated when switching to fill screen mode. I could parse attract.cfg and get the window_mode attribute to solve this. Is there an easier way that I am missing?

Scripting / Rounded corners via glsl shader?
« on: April 03, 2017, 05:08:03 PM »
Is it possible to pass an image to a shader and create rounded (smooth) corners with transparency? Similar to how border-radius with css works. I have no knowledge at all about how shaders work.

Code: [Select]
class MVS {
artwork_label = "";
num_slots = 0;
opacity = 0;
artwork_parent = null;
slot_artwork = [];
selected_slot = 0;

constructor(a="marquee", n=4, o=25, ap=::fe) {
artwork_label = a;
num_slots = n;
opacity = o;
artwork_parent = ap;

for (local i=0; i<num_slots; i++) {
slot_artwork.push(artwork_parent.add_artwork(artwork_label, -1, -1, 1, 1));


function set_slots() {
for (local i=0; i<num_slots; i++) {
slot_artwork[i].index_offset = -(selected_slot - i);

Code: [Select]
// --------------------
// Load Modules
// --------------------
if (fe.load_module("Debug")) log <- Log();

// --------------------
// Layout User Options
// --------------------
class UserConfig {
local config = fe.get_config();

// --------------------
// Layout Constants
// --------------------
local flw = fe.layout.width;
local flh = fe.layout.height;

// --------------------
// Colors
// --------------------
local colors = {
black = { r = 0, g = 0, b = 0 },
white = { r = 255, g = 255, b = 255 },
grey = { r = 120, g = 120, b = 120 },

// --------------------
// Settings
// --------------------
local settings = {
snap = {
x = 0,
y = 0,
width = flw,
height = flh,

// --------------------
// Magic Functions
// --------------------

// --------------------
// Layout
// --------------------
local snap = FadeArt("snap", -1, -1, 1, 1);
setProperties(snap, settings.snap);

local mvs = MVS();
try { log.send(mvs.slot_artwork[0].file_name + " " + mvs.slot_artwork[0].index_offset); } catch(e) {}
try { log.send(mvs.slot_artwork[1].file_name + " " + mvs.slot_artwork[1].index_offset); } catch(e) {}
try { log.send(mvs.slot_artwork[2].file_name + " " + mvs.slot_artwork[2].index_offset); } catch(e) {}
try { log.send(mvs.slot_artwork[3].file_name + " " + mvs.slot_artwork[3].index_offset); } catch(e) {}

// --------------------
// Enable Shaders
// --------------------

Code: [Select]
Keils-iMac:MacOS keiljr$ /Applications/
Starting Attract-Mode v2.2.0-3 (OSX)
Config: /Users/keiljr/.attract/attract.cfg

*** Initializing display: 'Neo Geo'
 - Loaded master romlist 'mame' in 1 ms (147 entries kept, 10 discarded)
 - Constructed 10 filters in 0 ms (1470 comparisons)
Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file
 - Debug message:  0
 - Debug message: /Applications/mame0182b_macOS/marquees/roboarmy.png 1
 - Debug message: /Applications/mame0182b_macOS/marquees/svc.png 2
 - Debug message: /Applications/mame0182b_macOS/marquees/samsho.png 3
 - Loaded layout: /Users/keiljr/.attract/layouts/mvscomplete/ (layout.nut)

Scripting / Layout fonts look different on crt
« on: March 20, 2017, 12:37:24 AM »
Developed my flavors layout on my Mac. I have the window set to 640x480. When I installed the theme on my neo geo running windows 10 at 640x480, the font is much larger. Any idea? It doesn't make sense to me. I set sizes of everything based on a percentage of the layout width and height. It should be the same.

General / Adding attract mode to lakka
« on: March 16, 2017, 05:11:20 PM »
here on the lakka forums.

Here was the suggestion:

Quote from: shanti
Don't have a Pi but this might work for you.

use a USB drive or use samba share and put the Attract mode binary and its needed libs inside a writable folder (like /storage/attract or something) you can find what libs are needed by running "ldd attract"

SSH to your Lakka PI and test that is works by running

systemctl stop retroarch
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/storage/attract/lib ./storage/attract/attract

if it loads then edit/create an file inside /storage/.config:

nano /storage/.config/

put something like this inside:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/storage/attract/lib
) &

Now reboot and if everything is correct, attract should start at boot.

Themes / Vertical compatibility help
« on: March 01, 2017, 03:39:58 PM »
The Best Portrait / Vertical / Cocktail Themes? had me thinking about making my flavors theme more compatible with vertical orientation.

I am having a few issues and have some concerns.

  • When I rotate a layout, it seems as if the layout was rendered horizontally, rotated, and then squeezed. This is most notable with text. It looks squished.
  • Scan lines applied to the shader remain in the same direction. Thank god. I just have to adjust my texture sizes for the new orientation. Already added a function for that to my helpers module.

General / Rpi can now possibly do 240p over composite!
« on: March 01, 2017, 04:25:26 AM »
Big news I'd like to share. Doesn't really fit in any particular category here. But it might influence the amount of rpi users here.

I have a raspberry pi 2  that I quit working on once I learned that it couldn't do 240p over composite. There is a limitation put in place by the firmware. Some one yesterday came out with a test firmware allowing 240p and another user tested it and said it worked! This is huge for the retro community! I might order a pi3 and the composite dongle to try it out.

I have a test firmware here:
Can you set (in config.txt):
and report back.
We have a progressive scan bit in the VEC (composite) register set.
We've tested that before and it wasn't sufficient. I've also tried disabling the interlaced signal that gets set. I'm not sure if it does the right thing (my composite TV's quality is a bit too low to tell).

You're amazing! I just bought an old SOny Trinitron CRT that I'm planning on RGB modding and putting into an arcade cabinet. I'm still waiting on a Gert's VGA adapter though, so until then I've been playing around with composite 480i... which looks like a total flickering mess! I happened to check the thread today and saw your new firmware, so I just briefly tested it out.

It's such a huge improvement running this monitor over 240p. No more flickering, just beautiful stable scanlines. Everything seemed to be solid for the few minutes I played around with it. The only thing I noticed was that my picture was noticeably warped and slightly titled near the edges of the screen. It could just be my TV, since it's opened up right now, but I didn't notice it when I was running 480i. Could be an issue with the sync over composite... not sure. I'll have to do a better comparison with 240p vs. 480i on the set tomorrow. (There was also a high-pitched whine from the speakers, but I'm guess that's just because the TV's guts are exposed right now)

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