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General / AM no longer responds after exiting a MAME game
« on: October 07, 2017, 03:55:04 AM »

I'm running a GroovyArcade installation on a VirtualBox VM (this is for test purposes before I install it on my actual Cocktail Cabinet). However, I'm having an issue when I choose AttractMode as the frontend. On startup everything works fine, but after running a MAME game and returning to AttractMode (by pressing ESC), AttractMode no longer responds in any way. The AttractMode animation is still running, but the arrowkeys, TAB, ESC keys (or any other key combination I can think of) do not respond. All I can do is restart the VM.

I don't have this problem if I choose AdvanceMenu as the frontend, everything works fine.

I've tried remapping the ESC key for AttractMode to something else, but that has no effect either. I don't know if this is just something to do with running it in a VM or not, but I'd like to be sure before going ahead with a full install on my arcade machine.

Thanks for any help!

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