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*Attract Mode V2.3 only (I think)

To help me organize the mess of material I have gathered over more than a decade, I build an Autoit script (with GUI) that looks into the assets (snaps, covers, etc) I have and gives me statistics on each system I use on Attract Mode.

It ends up being a lot of help finding missing and surplus material buried on the assets folders as well as missing game information (year, publishers and genre.)

I don´t know how big of a problem this is to the rest of you, but the systems I have are not always the most popular ones (TRS Color, for instance) so I have some problem collecting extra stuff. More than a decade of gathering material from all over the webs and the fact that the scrapers do not (at least for me) do a wonderful job also do not help, so I thought the need to see the big picture at one place would be nice.

I compiled and polished the thing a little and I think it is ready to be used on the outside world.
Unfortunately, I think it only works on Attract Mode v2.3 I still haven’t v2.4 installed.

That is it. If you try it, please tell me what you think.

(ps. it can take some time to build the info, ~5 min on my ~8k roms (across all systems), but I think it can take a LOT more on a complete MAME set alone)

General / Tool to scrape mame overviews from History.dat
« on: May 10, 2018, 02:12:01 PM »

I was looking for a way to extract the games description on mame’s History.dat and convert them to overviews files but I could find nothing.
(Please don’t tell me there is an easy way to do it or that I could find it lying around on the interwebs. I have searched, and I haven’t found)
I don’t like the way the history plugin works and wasn’t in the mood to try to adapt it. Also, I wanted to bring mame closer to the working of the other emulators so I did a little tool to scrape the History.dat for overviews: Scrape History Overviews (of course).
You provide it with a list of roms and it will look on the History.dat for them and export a bunch of .cfg with their description to the overview format.

Hope it helps.

PS. SHO was done with Autoit and I have had problem before with Autoit and antivirus (it seems it is a common tool to write malicious scripts, so is flagged) but mine is not complaining right now.

Here is the Readme.txt
Scrape History Overviews
Fred Rique 2018

Scrape History Overviews scrapes game information from Mame's history.dat and saves them as Attract Mode's overview format.
The conversion pulls the information from History.dat and save it in separated files with the name [rom name].cfg, adding "overview " at the start and converting the line feeds to "\n".

There are four versions of the program


The numbers are the History.dat version to be used with. They will not work on one another but should work on intermediary versions, the difference is the end token I am using, "- SOURCES -" on 153 and "- CONTRIBUTE -" on 197 so apply accordingly (yeah, I know I should be using "$end" but, oh well...)
The "n" is due to the fact that when they are bigger than the text box, the overviews do not show the first line on my layout and I need an extra line feed, so on these versions an "\n" is added after "overview ".

To search for the descriptions, you need to provide a list of roms SHO will be looking for. This must be a text file on the same folder as SHO with the name ListaFiltrada.txt (yeah, I know) one example is included. History.dat and a folder called Overviews also must be on the same folder as SHO.

That should be all.
When SHO finishes, the overviews will be saved on the Overviews folder and a log file with details will be created.

The program should behave itself, but as always, work only on backups.

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