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Scripting / Re: shuffle-module: First official release
« on: Today at 02:34:18 AM »
I chose the name for the module because it “shuffles” indexes through objects. Create an array. Push the objects to the array. For instance, you want 12 text objects on the screen, push 12 objects. You can do this manually, or create a loop for count of 12 to do it. Style the objects. Pass the array to the shuffle class.

If you can’t get it, I’ll provide an example for you on Saturday.

Please do, I can work my way through trial and error with an example. I have looked into previous themes utilizing the shuffle module but the code is obsolete with regards to current version.

Scripting / Re: shuffle-module: First official release
« on: Today at 12:51:31 AM »

Correct. That is the intended behavior. I had intentions of using it with romlist which would be higher than the array of objects. It does seem weird if your index length is the same as your objects... or less!

Excited for this comment! I wasn't sure if the issue only occurred for myself or others. I think the only way to get around this is to not use attract-mode's signals. I just had a quick look at the conveyor class. I might have to implement something like that to simulate attract-mode's natural indexing. I wanted to stay away from it because other things can receive signals. Manually indexing means I could implement a no loop feature. Will investigate further in two days. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I would hope you wouldn't be showing 100 items in a list at the same time. However, you can create a for loop that creates the object and step things sequentially.

I don't want to be showing hundreds of items at the same time but the ability to browse through hundreds of items in a vertical list (plain text) where a dozen or so are visible on screen at any time. Similar behavior to that of AM default.

Is retrorama2 theme (.gif in Shuffle's main github dir) utilizing the said loop? I am stuck on the idea that one slot equals one row so a list, of say 100 roms, will require 100 different slots each with its own placement (manual) instruction. In retrorama2 gif it seems there is a single slot and user can vertically browse through the roms listed in that single slot.

I am sorry for so many Q's but slots/ arrays/ rows all get mixed together for me as I don't have a programming background :D.

Scripting / Re: shuffle-module: First official release
« on: Yesterday at 09:02:36 PM »
It works no better than before. Objects are now created outside the class. I think it produces cleaner code. Additionally, it now supports the preserve-art module. Animations and effects can be added just like before by extending the class. I hope to add the ability that some requested, optionally no looping of indexes. Versioned releases will make this easier for people using this module.

The "no looping of indexes" part would be great :D. I have some small queries regarding the use of (current version) shuffle.

a) Lets say we have a list of 5 items A,B,C,D & E, with A being the first item in list and E being the last. A is given the spot 100, 100, B 100, 200 till E 100, 500. While we scroll downwards from A and reach E, scrolling down further will move the list to item A but will the same spot (E, 100, 500). It this the intended behavior? Or is the selection area is supposed to move to A (100, 100)? With no looping of indexes will the list stop moving downward from E (100, 500) or jump back to A (100, 100)?

b) I am currently using shuffle in displaymenu with only 5 items. It seems that AM function of pressing down for quick scrolling is not being applied, is my list too short for application or shuffle doesn't support that?

c) What about really long lists like e.g. mame romlist. Currently I have to enter manually 5 items in shuffle with their locations, how would that work with 100+ items lists? Is there any other way of applying shuffle in a vertical list with numerous items where we don't have to manually position each row/ slot?

Scripting / Global/ Layout-wide mipmap application
« on: Yesterday at 03:20:48 AM »
Is there anyway to pass a global/ layout-wide mipmap command so every snap/ video has mipmap applied to it? Currently i'm using

Code: [Select]
local flyer = fe.add_artwork( "flyer", #, #, #, # );
flyer.mipmap = true;

local snap = fe.add_artwork( "snap", #, #, #, # );
snap.mipmap = true;

local video = fe.add_artwork( "video", #, #, #, # );
video.mipmap = true;

I am hoping that I won't have to reuse the same statement time and again and can give a single instruction to apply mipmap to all artwork assets.

After serveral days looking for a solution, I have to say that it was impossible for me to do that.

How can I add a submenu of the displays menu?
This plugin seems the easiest method, but the link is broken.

I would like to add some submenus based on filters , something like that:
   Main menu: displays
   Sub menus: Platform/puzzle/.. (filters)
   Final menu: Games

I thought it had to be easy... please some help!

The way I have done it is:

1- Platform Menu/ Display: Platforms like arcades/ computers/ consoles etc
2- Systems menu: In consoles Sega saturn/ dreamcast/ nintendo 64 etc
3- System menu: Games organized on Genre Filters like action/ adventure/ horror etc

Now above mentioned organization scheme is easily achievable without much tweaking as everything you need is already available in AM. I've described the process in detail here> (#3 post).

The organization scheme you are trying for can work easily without platform menu because you are looking for Systems> System (Filter: Genre)> Games (as opposed to Platforms> Systems> System (Filter: Genre)> Games). That is what I understood from your post but if you mean you need a unified or mega list of genres like a action/ adventure encompassing every system then you will need to develop new romlists (this too is easily achievable from with AM.

For organizing games in genre, I am using the following in attract.cfg

display   Microsoft MSX (blueMSX-Retroarch)
   layout               RetroMode
   romlist              Microsoft MSX (blueMSX-Retroarch)
   in_cycle             yes
   in_menu              no
   filter               ALL
      sort_by              Title
   filter               ACTION
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Action
   filter               ADVENTURE
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Adventure
   filter               "BEAT 'EM UP"
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Beat 'Em Up
   filter               FIGHTING
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Fighting
   filter               HORROR
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Horror
   filter               PLATFORM
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Platform
   filter               PUZZLE
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Puzzle
   filter               RACING
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Racing
   filter               RPG
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals RPG
   filter               SHOOTER
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Shooter
   filter               SPORTS
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Sports
   filter               STRATEGY
      sort_by              Title
      rule                 Category equals Strategy

Just make sure:
1- Controller mapping allows from moving from one genre to next
2- Genres are properly listed in romlist. This might warrant manually making the changes, as you want uniformity across the lists.

General / Re: how to exit model 2 emulator
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:04:38 PM »
Press Button 1 + Button 2 (only in this emulator)---> exit Model 2 emulator (ALT + F4)

In \emulators\[emulator name].cfg you can enter a line
exit_hotkey          Button1+Button2

Where Button1 & 2 are actual keyboard/ gamepad inputs. If that doesn't work and emulator has a built-in command for quitting you'll have to use JoytoKey or some variant.

You can make these changes from with AM (Options/ Settings > Emulators > [Emulator Name] > Exit Hot Key (Here you can input the keys). IF that doesn't work Antimicro is the best joytokey variant I have seen. Its available on both *nix and Windows platforms and can be tweaked to

1- point any joypad key press to keyboard
2- Start with a specific game and shutdown once game is quit via AM.

Scripting / Re:
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:47:22 PM »
Where does it pull this information? History.dat?

To the best of my knowledge, Information is pulled directly from the romlist. Like name/title/year Extra is a section of romlist and likewise a magic token. Its possible mame --full populates it now, back when I tried mame [EXtra] was empty.

@ OP
I made a feature request for creating an instance for Text assets similar to artwork for images here> You could try something like "if [Overview] is missing use the following message" but AM creates an empty romname.txt in scraper/system/overview.

General / Re: Attract only works in window mode.
« on: January 05, 2019, 10:58:40 AM »
@Oomek. I had no problems with fixed 2.5.1 version. Checked this version briefly for compatibility's sake and it runs perfectly without a hitch.

Scripting / Re: shuffle-module: First official release
« on: January 02, 2019, 12:53:26 PM »
Successfully updated the layout with shuffle 1.0 after including the magic token as you suggested. Thank you!

General / Re: Rpi 3 - audio but no video on some videos
« on: December 30, 2018, 06:29:43 PM »
My solution for that. I have encoded the videos again with handbrake app and so far all the videos which didn´t play now they are working

I too encoded some problematic videos through handbrake app and most videos started working. The issue is not only with progetto videos, emu-movies have this problem in some sets too. I am on Windows so its not an RPI 3 specific problem.

General / Re: specific theme for game
« on: December 30, 2018, 06:25:28 PM »
If your thinking of hyper spin, emu movies has videos of their themes. Could make a theme that is literally just a artwork using snap.
I wanted to create native themes for  AM but individually per game and system.

Theme per system is easy to do but per game is a tall order (unless very limited amount of games). You can perhaps develop a theme which changes color depending on artwork of game (like flyer) but that would be a system-wide theme not game specific.

General / Re: Lost ability to hold next game button
« on: December 30, 2018, 06:22:00 PM »
Removed attract.cfg yield no change. Hmm...

That's strange, removing attract.cfg should return everything, including controller mapping to default. AFAIK only stores layout positioning data. This might be a bug in latest release for Mac.

Latest update allows to use .m3u files for multi-disc games.

Unrelated (well, partially), but Reicast: is it possible to use without retroarch? I'm really an emulation noob, so I apologize if that's a stupid question!

Worry not, emulation can be tricky business. You can find windows version of reicast here> (scroll downwards). If that doesn't work try the version available here >

You will need to create /data in reicast folder and place BIOS files there (dc_bios.bin & dc_flash.bin).

Is there any reason you are not opting for Retroarch? It offers a lot of good things.

General / Re: Lost ability to hold next game button
« on: December 29, 2018, 06:08:32 PM »
Seems like a config issue, if controller/ key mapping is OK then "selection_max_step & selection_speed_ms" in attrcat.cfg is worth a closer look.

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