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General / Re: Hotkey+F causing emulators to restart
« on: November 24, 2020, 05:08:13 AM »
When I said that I've never had luck with the global settings really I meant... I feel like maybe 3 years ago it worked as expected. Last few years though, I've had to do system specific configs. I'd consider it a bug... but I have a feeling that whomever's in charge of the controls system really isn't too worried about arcade-type builds where controls are concerned. If I can't configure a control through emulation station, then it's mindbogglingly difficult to change the simplest stuff.

Glad It's not just me, I'm finding everything very finnicky with the latest AM & RP.  From the global config. issues, to not being able to delete or rename items in AM, choppy layout animations, most menu items actions being broken, etc..  I've recently tried compiling AM from scratch, as well as installing from the experimental menu, I'm finding different issues each way I try...  I've worked through most of them, but it has taken way too long to figure out, and some issues I've just given up on or worked around one way or another.  I know they are separate projects though which need to work together in unison, so I don't expect it to be perfect.  I had used Floob's image for about 4 years, which obviously were really old RP & AM versions , but everything worked as it should, never had any issues with configurations. 

General / Re: Hotkey+F causing emulators to restart
« on: November 23, 2020, 12:25:15 PM »
Okay, I've abandoned modifying it, just using system specific config files now.  Strange thing is I've always used the /configs/all/retroarch.cfg file on my older build with zero problems ever. 

General / How can I change font size for the tag/filters menu?
« on: November 23, 2020, 06:36:27 AM »
The font is huge for some reason on my tag & filters menu, I can't seem to find where the font size is set.  I tried the layout.nut file, but could only find where it loads the font, nothing about the font size. 

General / Re: Hotkey+F causing emulators to restart
« on: November 21, 2020, 11:54:17 AM »
Thanks.  I understand the hierarchy.... global/core/game specific .cfg. files.  Was first trying editing the configs/all/retroarch.cfg, no luck, tried everything.  Deleted the file, restarted, and it made the new file, but was named retroarch.cfg.rp-dist, and I had to manually rename to retroarch.cfg.  the restart glitch was resolved, but then the hotkeys stopped working.  I even restarted to emulation station and setup my inputs again, making sure to bind my hotkey, but still no luck.  It must not be grabbing that .cfg file, the hotkey is clearly bound and enabled in the .cfg file.  There is no info in the autoconfig.cfg, and no files in the joypad folder (using ipac2 as keyboard).  This was extremely easy and clear cut on my old Floob's image, but this is acting very strangely.  I worked around it by opening the retroarch gui from a snes game, made all of my key bind changes and saved.  I then manually copied the .cfg to all of my other systems.  Not the proper way to do it but at least it's all working now, but still won't be able to globally change anything.

General / Hotkey+F causing emulators to restart
« on: November 20, 2020, 09:59:04 PM »
On my Rpi3, fairly fresh build, keyboard, not joypad.  I'm modifying my retroarch.cfg found in "configs/all" to suit my buttons and assign some of the hotkeys, and while I tried to assign volume down to the 2P stick down (assigned keyboard button "F" ), it restarts the emulator.  For trial and error purposes, I copied over the stock unedited retroarch.cfg and tried again and it still does the reset.  I can't for the life of me figure out why it's doing that.  Another strange thing is that I can't disable the fast forward hotkey, either with "nul", or # in front of the line.  Am I editing the wrong .cfg for this?  The other changes that were made took effect.  This is the global retroarch.cfg I'm modifying.  Any suggestions?

Themes / Re: The Great Themes Collection v10.0 - Released!
« on: November 16, 2020, 11:39:44 AM »
These look really good.  I've added them to my RPi 3 (not overclocked) build, however the animations are a bit too choppy and take too  long to transition between systems.  I will disable the animation, but is this just the limit to the raspberry pi's processing power, or do I have another issue going on? 

General / Re: Still has issues on the Pi 4
« on: November 09, 2020, 06:57:56 AM »
Ive gotten Attract Mode mostly working on the Pi 4 but noticing videos are tearing like crazy now and still freeze or stop playing.  None of my videos are particularly high quality and they ran well on the Pi3.  They are all non HD videos. 

Sorry if this was already suggested, but from another post here on the forums, someone suggested converting the video snaps to a lower framerate?  This was all on my Pi3, but it may apply to the Pi4.  I was plagued with choppy/freezing snaps for years.  Different builds, from Floob's image to the latest Retropie & AM installed, different Pi's, sd cards, different snaps, ffmpeg/mmal, etc. etc., nothing worked.  Someone suggested lowering the framerate to a max of 23.976 (resolution can stay the same).  I converted them all using handbrake, copied them to the pi, and no more freezing/choppy videos.  Hope this works for you.

General / Re: Default artwork when artwork is missing
« on: October 22, 2020, 11:51:22 AM »
Just an update if anyone else happens to have this problem.  Turns out all of the files & paths I had were correct, but still not working.  It seems to be some script in AM which handles the default artwork and locations.  I couldn't find it anywhere poking around various coding in AM, but I have no business doing so, so didn't spend much time looking.  At this point, I'm going to assume maybe my AM build was prior to this feature being added, as it is a pretty old build, although it was all updated recently, but still not working.  I have another SD card that I installed AM as an experimental package, copied over my roms & artwork and all is good. 

General / Re: Default artwork when artwork is missing
« on: October 02, 2020, 07:52:00 AM »
In my raspberry pi it works perfectly, with the artwork inside the roms folder. You should check the name of the display. In my pi the default for snes is >>>> Super Nintendo Entertainment System.png / mega drive is Sega Mega Drive.png, arcade is Arcade.png, exactly as it shows in the displays menu.

I will double check when I get home.  I'm sure it was correct though, in the displays menu, it's "Arcade", so I made "Arcade.png", and put it in the artwork folder.  Even so, it should, as a last resort, pull the art files from the robospin-hd layout folder, as it does on my PC build.  Does anyone know what file contains the code which handles the image hierarchy?  I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm on Floobs image, which is really old at this point.  I feel like default images used to work, and at some point, now they don't, but maybe I just never paid much attention and maybe they never worked?  The only reason I'm critical now is that I'm on a mission to add missing marquee, snap and wheel art for all of my roms.  I have another SD card with the latest AM build from the experimental package, maybe I will see if it's working with that image.  If so, I'd still like to know where the code is located so maybe I can see if something is not correct or missing, as the floob's image has been setup perfectly and working really well other that this issue.

General / Re: Default artwork when artwork is missing
« on: October 02, 2020, 06:48:52 AM »
A thought just came to me.  Could there be any possible chance that having my artwork folders as subdirectories in my roms folder is causing these problems?  Maybe I should try to move the artwork out of the roms folder to a different location and see if that helps.  It is working this way on my PC, but maybe on the retropie it's different?

General / Re: Default artwork when artwork is missing
« on: October 02, 2020, 06:31:16 AM »
the default image / "non-existing-artwork"-file needs the same name like display-name
name of display : SNES => default-image : SNES.png

Linux is case sensitive : your paths and folder-names are correct?

Isn't it, that there exist a hidden attract folder : /home/<username>/.attract
Are there any artwork files? Check your romlist too.

What should I check with my romlist?

Thank you for responding.  I've already tried naming the files the same as the display, as well as the emulator, as well as "marquee.png" or "wheel.png", and placing it in the same directory as the wheel or marquee art is.  This did not do anything.  I've also made sure it was case sensitive.  I've also placed the files in the layout folder located in the .attract/ directory.  This directory has the default images already there by default, but again, for some reason, the display is not using them.  I know that the display is supposed to use them, because this is how I tested the hierarchy of the images.  I setup attract mode on my PC, added a few roms, but added only the wheel, snap, marquee .png's for 1943.  I pointed the emulator to the newly created artwork folders.  As expected, the marquee, snap, and wheel art work for 1943, and the default images are showing for the roms without artwork (static snap, no image available with a red circle & x through for the wheel, and a generic "mame" marquee.   I then added a unique .png to the marquee folder and named it "arcade" to match the display name, and the display then grabs that image as the default image, as it should.  I then deleted this file, went into the layout folder (c:/attract/layouts/robospin-hd), where the default art is located, and placed a unique image there and renamed it marquee.  The display now grabs that image when artwork does not exist, as it should.  So this all confirms that the hierarchy for art is as follows....

1943.png in the artwork folder, in my case, c:\attract\roms\marquee\  then if none matching the rom are found use...
arcade.png in the artwork folder, (arcade is the display name), in my case c:\attract\roms\marquee\  then if arcade.png is not found, use
marquee.png located in the layout folder, in my case c:\attract\layouts\robospin-hd\

So the question is, this works as it should on my PC, but my retropie it does not.  I'm using the exact same  layout between both the pc and retropie, same roms, same artwork directory location, and emulator artwork location is pointing to the correct folders.  I should also point out that on my retropie,  all of my layouts are doing this, none of them are using default images.  So this may suggest that the problem lies not in the layout itself, but somewhere else in attract mode, right?  But what file/code controls how the displays handle the images to use?

General / Default artwork when artwork is missing
« on: October 01, 2020, 07:32:34 PM »
retropie with AM setup, Robospin-HD layout.

Hey guys, I'm embarrassed to even ask this... I knew at one time how to do it, but it's been several years since I have messed with this.  I can't seem to get a default artwork image to load when none are present for a particular rom.   I swear that it used to work, and now it does not.  For some reason if artwork is missing, it grabs a different, incorrect artwork.  For example, Alex Kidd shows the marquee for alien3, and alien syndrome for the wheel.  I double checked my artwork folders, the artwork is indeed missing, and not just incorrectly renamed, so not sure what is going on.  Where is the default artwork location and how do I check to see that the layout is directed to use the default artwork when none are present that match the rom?  I've researched for two days now and can't figure it out.  my artwork is located in my rom folder.  I've tried, for example, for the marquee, I've put my default image in the marquee folder, and have tried naming it "marquee.png", also tried "MAME (Libretro).png", and "Arcade.png".  I see in the layout folder for Robospin-HD, there is default artwork in the main folder, however it's not being used.  I hope this makes sense.

Try each different Window Mode in #5. AM has changed since the Pi FAQ was written.

Yes, tried all options.  I kept it on windowed mode and was able to see the text which would normally be executed in the background.  It tries to run the corresponding script, but is getting "Parameter word expansion failed". 

RP experimental option is absolutely a way to install and use AM but you can't expect for it work the same as a stand alone AM install.
People have been using AM with RP long before it was an experimental option. When something is labeled experimental it's not 100% correct.

K, that's what I thought, I certainly don't expect it to be perfect being experimental.   I just happen to always have issues when I do it this way it seems.  I've used several popular tutorials to get it installed, including using the command line, as well as the experimental route, and each time something is whacky right out of the box.  Nobody seems to have the same issues, and nobody can help resolve the issues, so I'm forced to try using another method.
Using my example, starting up straight after installing AM as an experimental package, I can't delete a display.  I've searched and asked, nobody has ever mentioned an issue like this, let alone suggest a reason or fix for it.   These are the type of issues I get, every single time. 

You can use a RP image and then manually install AM instead of using the RP menu option. Don't let the word "compile" scare you. You can literally cut and paste each line from the FAQ or WIKI to get a AM stand alone install.

Thanks, I did find information on how to do this and just finished with the AM install, I thought it was way more involved than this.  So I'm able to delete displays now.  It seems that the retropie menu is not included by default, there was no extras folder in my .attract folder.  I will try to add this using your post from 2016, or copy the files over from my other image...
Is this still a valid way to do it?

Here's an analogy...
You have a Ford car with it's original Ford engine in it. When something is wrong you can take it to a Ford dealership or use a Ford manual to fix it because everything was done by Ford. Now lets say you have a Ford car that someone put a Chevy engine in it. When something goes wrong you can't expect the Ford dealership or Ford manual to have the solution to your problem. If you want help with your Chevy engine (an AM compile) you can find the answers here on the AM forum. If you want help with your Ford engine (RP experiemental install) you can find the answers on the RP forum. You're welcome to ask the questions on the AM forum but most of us don't use your type of install (for many of the issues you are having).

I don’t understand how you do not understand that retropie is a preconfigured image a group has made to share with others, and does not utilize attracts default configuration.
Be sure to know linux commands. Use my wiki I previously mentioned to learn them. Any attract help, many here will help. Configuration issues, you will have better chances on a retropie forum.

Maybe I didn't explain this the best, I understand the difference between AM RP & ES.  What I can't wrap my head around is the bizzare problems I always have, just after installation, it must be something I'm doing wrong, as everyone else using these methods do not have these issues.   The issues that I get seem to be on the side of AM. I never received much help with AM on the retropie forums, I thought there was a lot more RPI/AM users than there are on this forum.   
Regardless, I've managed to install AM from the command line and so far and for the first time ever, no issues whatsoever.  I haven't set anything else up, but so far so good.  Sorry to be such a pain, I really appreciate the help though. 

Read #5 of the Pi FAQ.

As Keil explained, the RP experimental install is not the same as a AM compiled install. The RP install is designed to take your ES setup and apply it to AM, it's really not designed to make manual changes to AM. In fact, when you update AM through the RP menu it will remove a lot of your manual changes.

The RP experimental install is mentioned on the download page so people know it's an option. That doesn't mean it's the best option for everyone. This method of installation is not a collaboration between RP and AM, it is RP version of AM.

I knew about #5 from the FAQ, it was the first thing that I tried, doesn't resolve the issue, seems to be a different problem. 

Sorry, I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of this, I feel very lost.  So installing from the experimental menu is not supposed to be a way to install AM?  I mean, I install the package, and it looks like all of the AM components are there by way of just poking around the interface, I can create and edit displays, generate rom lists, load snaps & artwork, run the emulators, etc, I just can't delete a display, and all of my retropie menu items are broken/won't load.  I look around the forums and there are a lot of people installing AM by way of the experimental package don't seem to have nay problems using it that way.  The only other way I ever installed was with Floob's image.  What way would you suggest I (with no experience compiling from scratch) install AM? 

Its not an official package. Retropie states in its wiki that support is preliminary. Retropie tends to make heavy use of scripts and places file/directory structures in non-default paths. Thats why I suggested retropie forum. It gets crazy for me to understand whats going on when their user base doesn’t even know whats going on. I wish they adopted the KISS model.

Theres info in the official attract wiki or my arcademvs wiki on compiling attract should you choose that route.

I guess even not being an official package, but being straight from the downloads section from AM site, I just assumed that it would work... maybe it does, there is a good chance I'm doing something wrong, I have very little knowledge of Linux, but I can certainly follow instructions.   For example this particular time, I simply downloaded the latest Retropie, installed the image onto a flash drive, stuck it into the PI, set the basic settings through raspi-config, installed AM as an experimental package, and right away, I can't delete any of the displays, and none of the selections load when clicked from the Retropie menu.   I've just had the worst luck getting AM working correctly installing as an experimental package.  I've wasted days and days installing and setting up just to find something isn't working, and not finding a solution, then start all over again, then run into another road block.  I did try a different way of installing last night, but before I finished, my power plug on the circuit board decided it wasn't having it and came right off of the board, SMH...

I don't think I have the skill to compile, I will keep trying different things or stick with Floobs image if I can't make it work.

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