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Sorry have not been watching this in a while. I've not heard of that issue. Could either be doubles if you have say snk on arcade and snk of consoles could see that happening. Are you using PC or pi? Mickleson has recently implemented this in a nightly build where you can turn off plug in and will return to previous menu you were just in. Works wonderfully.

Hey sorry about delay, been busy with other projects but this has manufacturer option. Check settings in plug in. Make sure you have each romlist and displays setup. Working on error proofing if romlist doesn't exist or is blank, but let me know if any issues:!qwBmkJbZ!_my4C9kR4artzEZvOwX1Xg

Alright try this, I need to add error check if system/display does not exist. The error and why it's not working is if you have systems/displays in the category romlists that you don't have displays for in attract.cfg it doesn't know what to do. Try adding only systems you have in category romlists if you have only 2 systems it's crashing on the other displays that don't exist. You should only have mame in your arcades room list and gb in handhelds and nothing in other lists. Unsure what it does on blank, maybe add one system in each romlist that you have in attract.cfg.

Also path needs to be C://Attract//romlists//

Now in your romlists folder, do you have a Handhelds.txt ?

Make sure plug in is enabled. And is case sensitive for displays.

Other things to check:
 path in plug in is correct. "Platforms.nut"

Also put attract mode in windowed mode and look at prompt. Can you snapshot thatand  Your platforms.nut path in plug in. I can look at it. If not, I will have you send me your attract.cfg and get it right for you.

@badfurday, added your categories, but before uploading can anyone think of any other requested category options?

It's how your displays are named on your attract.cfg not matching [platform].txt romlists. Go in your romlists folder, open up Handhelds.txt those systems/displays need to match the way the display name in your attract.cfg. for example, your attract.cfg has display 'GB" for game boy. In handhelds.txt romlist change Nintendo Game Boy to GB in both spots. I set it up the prebuilt romlists on standard naming and added as many systems for easy setup. Hope this helps

That's what the plug in does. Make sure it's enabled

Scripting / Layout user config shortcut?
« on: August 26, 2017, 11:01:22 AM »
Anyway to trigger current layouts user config option to display with press of button?

Good idea. Ill revamp the plug in with options to choose how you want to categorize. I'm assuming you don't use collections, hacks, so no need to add those categories? If you do, then how does that fit in your categorization?

Brilliant! That looks very nice! I love the commercials for snaps!

Themes / Re: Game Collection Themes, where to find?
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:55:42 PM »
Facebook: RetroPie theme hub. Or Google dwaye hurst

Scripting / Re: Dir path variable to romlist folder (PC) ?
« on: August 06, 2017, 07:04:09 PM »
Sorry, for not being clear. For a plug in. Instead of user config to enter a romlist folder, a fe.variable to just point to romlists folder.

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