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Scripting / Re: ScrollingText module
« on: July 11, 2018, 07:31:53 PM »
I had some result in scrolling the text up but still is not expected, it follows the scrolling code of the text as the photo shows, does anyone have a hunch?   

Code: [Select]

::OBJECTS <- {
    logo = fe.add_text("[Overview]", flx*0.422, fly*0.85, flw*0.509, flh*0.56 ), 

local pac = {
    when = Transition.ToNewSelection,
property = "y",
start = fly*0.670,
end = fly*0.350,
tween = Tween.Linear,
time = 30000,
delay = 0,
loop = true

animation.add ( PropertyAnimation( OBJECTS.logo, pac ) );
OBJECTS.logo.font = "zektonbo";
OBJECTS.logo.set_rgb ( 255, 255, 255 );
//OBJECTS.logo.set_bg_rgb ( 0, 80, 220 );
OBJECTS.logo.charsize = 14;
OBJECTS.logo.word_wrap = true;
OBJECTS.logo.align = Align.Centre;

Scripting / Re: ScrollingText module
« on: June 27, 2018, 01:07:47 PM »
Thank you! I was able to correct the problem of the text going up, another problem that appears and that in the folder overview contains a .cfg file with a text of the description of the game, but the scroll is only reading three words, somebody knows how I can increase the number of words can the scroll read?

Scripting / Re: ScrollingText module
« on: June 22, 2018, 07:07:09 AM »
Hello friends, I'm having trouble making the text scroll up, even changing the code it continues to move left, someone could help me with this

Code: [Select]
local scroller = ScrollingText.add( "[OVERVIEW]", 25, 50, fe.layout.width - 25, 75, ScrollType.VERTICAL_UP );

//there is a couple wrapper functions for color:
scroller.set_rgb( 255, 0, 0 );  //the text color
scroller.set_bg_rgb( 0, 0, 0 ); //the surface color (uses a pixel.png to color the surface)
//scroller.set_pos( 0, 0, 100, 100 ); //the surface x, y, w, h

//you can access the surface and text objects directly
//scroller.surface <- the surface
//scroller.text <- the text object

//There are also some settings:
scroller.settings.delay = 500;
scroller.settings.loop = -1;

PS: It has been changed in all ways to VERTICAL_UP, but still continue to the left, please help me.

General / [HELP]Dual screen monitor AM
« on: November 22, 2017, 08:20:09 AM »
I'm having a problem with the new Attract Mode 2.3, I'm using a main monitor for the 22 'monitor games, and another 10' monitor to show up the game marques, as I saw on the attract fix it has fixed the dual monitor function , in the frontend I managed to make it work perfectly and it seems like the marquee in the smaller monitor, but the detail and the following when I start the game the marquee disappears from the smaller monitor, and when I leave the game it comes back, has anyone ever come across this problem? To be able to give a help? :'(

before running the emulator looks like this:

After running the emulator this happens:

Big Thanks Friend!!!!! work for my.

But I have another doubt, I would like to add more categories in layout.nut like for example:

Code: [Select]
"act": [ "action","platformer", "platform" ],
For me to add a new gender how should I proceed?
Since I had tried this way but there was no result:

Code: [Select]
"pad": [ "Ball & Paddle", "Breakout"] ---> for Arkanoid game, but not learn icon.

Some other genres can not be loaded either, for example:

Code: [Select]
"avg": [ "adventure" ],
"slg": [ "strategy"]
"rpg": [ "rpg", "role playing", "role-playing", "role playing game" ],

Could you help solve this problem?

Bro My romlist for Mame.

Code: [Select]
88games;'88 Games;Mame;;1988;Konami;;4;0;only_buttons,only_buttons,only_buttons,only_buttons;good;1;raster;;;;
005;005;Mame;;1981;Sega;;2;270;joystick (4-way),joystick (4-way);imperfect;1;raster;;;;
1on1gov;1 on 1 Government (Japan);Mame;;2000;Tecmo;;4;0;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);imperfect;1;raster;tps;;;
10yard;10-Yard Fight (World, set 1);Mame;;1983;Irem;;2;0;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;
gtmr;1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally (94/07/18);Mame;;1994;Kaneko;;2;0;joystick (8-way),dial,paddle,joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;
progolf;18 Holes Pro Golf (set 1);Mame;;1981;Data East Corporation;;2;270;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);imperfect;1;raster;;;;
1941;1941: Counter Attack (World 900227);Mame;;1990;Capcom;;2;270;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;
1942;1942 (Revision B);Mame;;1984;Capcom;;2;270;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;
1943kai;1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen (Japan);Mame;;1987;Capcom;;2;270;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;
1943;1943: The Battle of Midway (Euro);Mame;;1987;Capcom;;2;270;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;
1944;1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620);Mame;;2000;Eighting / Raizing (Capcom license);;2;0;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;
1945kiii;1945k III (newer, OPCX2 PCB);Mame;;2000;Oriental Soft;;2;270;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);good;1;raster;;;;

Same line yours:
Code: [Select]
brvblade;Brave Blade (World);Mame;;2000;Eighting / Raizing;;4;270;joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way),joystick (8-way);imperfect;1;raster;tps;;;
You have a reason, in my romlist file missing some key words, I put your line in my romlist file and the result was that the image appeared, my doubt and how I will make for a new romlist to see the correct information, you know to say

Hello Bro!

Even after changing the path still facing the same problem, I send the error below and the images.

Code: [Select]
Initializing display: 'Mame'
 - Loaded master romlist 'Mame' in 461 ms (2973 entries kept, 0 discarded)
 - Constructed 2 filters in 0 ms (5946 comparisons)
Failed to load image "E:\Arcade\System\layouts/Game Station HD/unknown.png". Reason: Unable to open file
Error opening input file: E:\Arcade\System\layouts/Game Station HD/unknown.png
ERROR loading video: E:\Arcade\System\layouts/Game Station HD/unknown.png

line 183:
Code: [Select]
// Genre_image
 local genre_image = fe.add_image("images/unknown.png", flx*0.715, fly* 0.817, flw*0.085, flh*0.13 );

Even after modifying I receive the same error does not appear the images

I get this error when launching my attract mode, when I change the game it does not appear the classification, can someone help solve this problem?

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