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Some options

Continues with retropie AM layout

Hi ,  well it’s a work in progress , wheel can be used , clock over video recorder runs and will change background day / night , lava lamp already works , color will be an option

Hi! here some work in progress with that beautifull background.

I think, perhaps is time to close this topic, and start a new layout WIP topic ?

Sorry about my english , i wanted to say is : is more funny for me to create original one than just copy the work of another person. I think google translator is not perfect for my poor English, I don’t want to disparaging the work of nobody , sorry .

Here will be a very good option....

its ok! lets get calm and lets work!, i am sure we can create our unique style of background , arcade or vintage room with the light of the day changing hour to hour...  there are a lot of great coders here , so we only need a modeller and a free 3d modell , then put the camera in front and render with diferente light point. , lets be creative, i think it is more funny to create one that will be just a copy of another person´s work.

I atached just a few examples or ideas i have found easilly on google and turbosquid... just to demostrate that imagination is endless....

Good luck, i will wait for your works !!! any retropie Layout in great MGalaxy style based will be very very wellcome!!!!

And Arcade

here are the layouts, all work until today, without backgrounds  8)

Hello, thank you for your interest, backgrounds I copied after buying the application $ 20, but I do not know how, I received an email from MGalaxy warning me.... so... I'm waiting for the waters to calm down, maybe modify some elements of the art,... , any 3d modeller could make some room and light changes easilly ... but...

Thanks, well.... i am working in some performances issues, testing on a Rpi 3 B+ all runs fine, but i have to optimize for Rpi 3....  the old Room theme is LIVE, i mean, light of room changes with the hour of the day.... it uses a lot of pngs changing ligth, and light affects to boxes too, its not a  hard code work, photoshop work instead.

This theme also includes background music or effects, for example i want to listen rain effect with the wheather outside is raining... but i need to investigate how to work with that plugin from layout.

Arcade room layouts uses Video Background ... this also is not a complicate code work, but still need some help ,  for example, i need some script to stop crazy scroll list when you press down or up for a long time... it is about performanze issue.. be patient, i started with all this a few days ago, even coding ;)

By the way.. here is the original inspiration, MGalaxy Frontend. It is made in Unity.

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