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Themes / Re: Project HyperPie - RetroPie Image Coming Soon!
« on: January 28, 2017, 01:25:20 AM »
We release so many custom theme's for people to use on our own forum and Facebook group for guys to pick and choose what they like.

Why not release these themes on this forum? After all this is where the great software you're using that makes it all happen comes from.

As far as images go, I'm sure some people will love them. Others will have little interest. It's great that AM runs on the Pi but anyone that's serious about emulation is using something with more power. People running AM on Windows, Linux or OSX have no use for an image. People using multiple frontends that are linked and/or leverage RocketLauncher can have extremely complex setups. On the Pi some of us have additional frontends and non RetroPie emulators installed. My point is that you limit your market of interest if you don't offer the layouts separate from the images. You also limit your viewing if you don't make posts on this forum so people can see them.

Emulators / Re: Atomiswave argument
« on: January 28, 2017, 12:11:59 AM »
I use this to run Sammy Atomiswave using demul.

Code: [Select]
executable           D:\Emulators\DEmul\demul.exe
args                 -run=awave -rom="[name]"
rompath              D:\Roms\MAME
romext               .zip;.7z;<DIR>

Themes / Re: Project HyperPie - RetroPie Image Coming Soon!
« on: January 27, 2017, 02:15:24 AM »
You build hype but I think that this is just a 3rd, 4th, 5th version of Floob's image based on this Why not release your layout/theme so we don't have to download a 3+ GB  image to see a theme/layout? Most of us are capable of just putting in place a layout based on our current setup vs download an image that provides little to anyone other than noobs that want a "quick fix"? Flood's image was great... six months ago. A lot has changed and anyone using that as a base is just a mess at this point (too many cooks in the kitchen).

If you want a serious challenge and want to show your skills, look at this RetroFE theme and harvest its resources to make a great theme for Attract-Mode .

P.S. Sorry if I sound harsh but build your own. Don't ride on others coat tails. Explore alternate avenues to seek the ultimate build.

General / Re: Saving Game Edits
« on: January 26, 2017, 09:18:41 PM »
You shouldn't need to enter that information at all if your emulators are setup properly in AM and you're connected to the internet when you build the romlist. These fields should be automatically populated.

Here's how to fix your emulators in AM to get this data. You'll need to do this for each emulator/system. I will show you NES and Genesis in the examples.

Configure-->Emulators-->Nintendo Entertainment System (your name for it)
System Identifier = Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Info Source/Scraper =

Configure-->Emulators-->Sega Genesis (your name for it)
System Identifier = Sega Genesis
Info Source/Scraper =

System Identifier is the exact name of the system used on

Once you have made the changes you can generate a new romlist and you should automatically get the the year, genre, number of players, etc. for your games.

General / Re: Will attract mode work with Mame ui FX
« on: January 25, 2017, 11:48:22 PM »
You can run MAMEUIFX from the command line. I provided you the exact steps you need to use it in AM. Use the info I provided and change the paths to match yours and it should work. There really isn't anything you need to figure out other than the paths you're using.

General / Re: Will attract mode work with Mame ui FX
« on: January 25, 2017, 11:37:41 PM »
AM will work with any emulator that can be run from the command line. So yes, you can use MAMEUIFX. Modify (or create) your emulator file Configure-->Emulators-->mame

Executable = C:\MAME\mameuifx.exe
Command Arguments = /[romfilename]
Rom Path (s) = C:\MAME\roms
Rom Extension(s) = .zip;.7z;<DIR>

Obviously you need to adjust the paths listed to match the paths you're using on your system.

General / Re: Request for a "Tutorial" main forum thread
« on: January 18, 2017, 02:47:07 AM »
I guess my biggest issue with the using the Attract-Mode wiki is that there should be instructions for problems addressed that really don't relate to Attract-Mode. These would including things that are related to updating the OS (Raspbian, Windows, OSX, etc.), RetroPie (if running it), specific emulators, etc. I know this isn't the place to really solve these issues but most see Attract-Mode as being their issue and don't understand all the other working pieces. It would be a good place for redirects to other forums or instructions on how to resolve "assumed" Attract-Mode issues that are related to other known issues.

P.S. I think that this topic can be open to threads for posts but I don't think that the original posting should happen without being vetted. A bad or poorly written post could lead to ruined or unstable systems.

General / Re: pi is hot 83C
« on: January 16, 2017, 08:45:20 PM »
If your running Raspbian Jessie, high temp is indicated with a thermometer and undervoltage is indicated with a muticolored square. If you're overclocking your Pi you can try to reduce those settings which maybe causing the undervoltage issue. If you're not overclocking then your power supply is very likely the problem.

General / Re: Colecovision rom name list
« on: January 15, 2017, 10:20:36 PM »
Here's the HyperSpin Database converted for Attract-Mode.

Code: [Select]
2010 - The Graphic Action Game (USA, Europe);2010 - The Graphic Action Game (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (USA);Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (USA);ColecoVision;;1985;Telegames, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Alphabet Zoo (USA);Alphabet Zoo (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Spinnaker Software;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Amazing Bumpman (USA);Amazing Bumpman (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Telegames, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Antarctic Adventure (USA, Europe);Antarctic Adventure (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Konami;Driving;;;;;0;;;;;
Aquattack (USA);Aquattack (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Toshiba EMI;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Artillery Duel (USA);Artillery Duel (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Xonox;Strategy;;;;;0;;;;;
BC's Quest for Tires (USA, Europe);BC's Quest for Tires (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Artech Studios;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
BC's Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (USA, Europe);BC's Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Sierra Entertainment;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Beamrider (USA);Beamrider (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Activision;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Blockade Runner (USA);Blockade Runner (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Interphase;Simulation;;;;;0;;;;;
Boulder Dash (USA);Boulder Dash (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Micro Fun;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Brain Strainers (USA, Europe);Brain Strainers (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Carousel Software Inc.;Puzzle;;;;;0;;;;;
Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (USA, Europe);Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Sega;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Bump 'N' Jump (USA, Europe);Bump 'N' Jump (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
BurgerTime (USA, Europe);BurgerTime (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Interceptor;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (USA, Europe);Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show (USA, Europe);Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Campaign '84 (USA);Campaign '84 (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Sunrise Software Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Carnival (USA, Europe);Carnival (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Centipede (USA);Centipede (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Atari;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Choplifter (USA, Europe);Choplifter (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Chuck Norris - Super Kicks (USA);Chuck Norris - Super Kicks (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Xonox;Beat-'Em-Up;;;;;0;;;;;
Congo Bongo (USA, Europe);Congo Bongo (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Cosmic Avenger (USA, Europe);Cosmic Avenger (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Universal;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Cosmic Crisis (USA);Cosmic Crisis (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Telegames, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Dam Busters, The (USA, Europe);Dam Busters, The (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Sydney Development Corp.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Dance Fantasy (USA);Dance Fantasy (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Fisher-Price;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Decathlon (USA);Decathlon (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Activision, Inc.;Sports/Olympic;;;;;0;;;;;
Defender (USA);Defender (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Williams Electronics Inc.;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Destructor (USA, Europe);Destructor (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Donkey Kong (USA, Europe);Donkey Kong (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Nintendo Co., Ltd.;Platform;;;;;0;;;;;
Donkey Kong Jr (USA, Europe);Donkey Kong Jr (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Nintendo Co., Ltd.;Platform;;;;;0;;;;;
Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up The Mix-Up Puzzler (USA, Europe);Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up The Mix-Up Puzzler (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
DragonFire (USA);DragonFire (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Imagic;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Dukes of Hazzard, The (USA, Europe);Dukes of Hazzard, The (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Evolution (USA);Evolution (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco (Canada) Limited;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Facemaker (USA);Facemaker (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Spinnaker Software Corporation;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Fathom (USA);Fathom (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Imagic;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Flipper Slipper (USA);Flipper Slipper (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Spectravision;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Fortune Builder (USA, Europe);Fortune Builder (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Fraction Fever (USA);Fraction Fever (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Spinnaker Software;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Frantic Freddy (USA);Frantic Freddy (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Spectravision;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Frenzy! (USA, Europe);Frenzy! (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Frogger (USA);Frogger (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Konami Industry Co. Ltd.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Frogger II - ThreeDeep! (USA);Frogger II - ThreeDeep! (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Parker Brothers;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
From Out Of The Jungle - Tarzan (USA);From Out Of The Jungle - Tarzan (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Frontline (USA, Europe);Frontline (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Taito Corporation;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Galaxian (USA);Galaxian (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Namco Limited;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Gateway to Apshai (USA);Gateway to Apshai (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Epyx, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Gorf (USA, Europe);Gorf (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Bally Midway Manufacturing Co.;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Gust Buster (USA);Gust Buster (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Sunrise Software Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Gyruss (USA);Gyruss (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Konami Industry Co. Ltd.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
H.E.R.O (USA);H.E.R.O (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Activision, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Heist, The (USA);Heist, The (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Livesay Computer Games, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Illusions (USA, Europe);Illusions (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Its Only Rock 'N' Roll (USA);Its Only Rock 'N' Roll (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;K-Tel International Ltd.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
James Bond (USA);James Bond (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Parker Brothers;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Juke Box (USA);Juke Box (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Spinnaker Software;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Jumpman Junior (USA);Jumpman Junior (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Epyx;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Jungle Hunt (USA);Jungle Hunt (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Taito Corporation;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Ken Uston's Blackjack-Poker (USA, Europe);Ken Uston's Blackjack-Poker (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Coleco;Casino;;;;;0;;;;;
Keystone Kapers (USA);Keystone Kapers (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Activision, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Lady Bug (USA, Europe);Lady Bug (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Universal Co., Ltd.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Learning With Leeper (USA);Learning With Leeper (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Sierra Entertainment;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Linking Logic (USA);Linking Logic (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Fisher Price;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Logic Levels (USA);Logic Levels (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Fisher-Price;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Looping (USA, Europe);Looping (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
M.A.S.H (Europe);M.A.S.H (Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Fox Interactive;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Memory Manor (USA);Memory Manor (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Fisher-Price;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Meteoric Shower (USA);Meteoric Shower (USA);ColecoVision;;1986;Bit Corp.;Platform;;;;;0;;;;;
Miner 2049er (USA);Miner 2049er (USA);ColecoVision;;1982;Big Five Software;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Monkey Academy (USA, Europe);Monkey Academy (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Montezuma's Revenge (USA);Montezuma's Revenge (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Parker Bros;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Moonsweeper (USA);Moonsweeper (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Imagic;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Motocross Racer (USA);Motocross Racer (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Xonox;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Mountain King (USA);Mountain King (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Sunrise Software Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Mousetrap (USA, Europe);Mousetrap (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Mr Do!'s Castle (USA);Mr Do!'s Castle (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Parker Bros;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Mr. Do! (USA, Europe);Mr. Do! (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Nova Blast (USA);Nova Blast (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Imagic;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Oil's Well (USA);Oil's Well (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Sierra Entertainment;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Omega Race (USA, Europe);Omega Race (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
One on One (USA);One on One (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Micro Fun;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Pepper II (USA, Europe);Pepper II (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (USA);Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Activision;Platform;;;;;0;;;;;
Pitfall! (USA);Pitfall! (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Activision;Platform;;;;;0;;;;;
Pitstop (USA);Pitstop (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Epyx;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Popeye (USA);Popeye (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Parker Bros;Platform;;;;;0;;;;;
Q-bert (USA);Q-bert (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;D. Gottlieb & Co.;Platform;;;;;0;;;;;
Q-bert II (USA);Q-bert II (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;D. Gottlieb & Co;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Quest for Quintana Roo (USA);Quest for Quintana Roo (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Sunrise Software Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
River Raid (USA);River Raid (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Activision;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Robin Hood (USA);Robin Hood (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Xonox;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Roc 'N Rope (USA, Europe);Roc 'N Rope (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Rock 'N' Bolt (USA);Rock 'N' Bolt (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Telegames, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Rocky Super-Action Boxing (USA, Europe);Rocky Super-Action Boxing (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Sports/Boxing;;;;;0;;;;;
Rolloverture (USA);Rolloverture (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Sunrise Software Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Sammy Lightfoot (USA);Sammy Lightfoot (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Sierra Entertainment;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Sector Alpha (USA);Sector Alpha (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Spectravision;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Sewer Sam (USA);Sewer Sam (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Interphase;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Sir Lancelot (USA);Sir Lancelot (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Xonox;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Skiing (USA);Skiing (USA);ColecoVision;;1986;Telegames, Inc.;Sports/Skiing;;;;;0;;;;;
Slither (USA);Slither (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Slurpy (USA);Slurpy (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Xonox;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Smurf Paint 'n Play Workshop (USA, Europe);Smurf Paint 'n Play Workshop (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Smurf Rescue (USA, Europe);Smurf Rescue (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Space Fury (USA, Europe);Space Fury (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Space Panic (USA, Europe);Space Panic (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Spectron (USA);Spectron (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Spectravision;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Spy Hunter (USA, Europe);Spy Hunter (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Bally/Midway;Driving;;;;;0;;;;;
Squish 'Em Sam! (USA);Squish 'Em Sam! (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Interphase;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Star Trek (USA, Europe);Star Trek (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;SEGA Enterprises Ltd.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Star Wars (USA);Star Wars (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Atari Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Strike It! (USA);Strike It! (USA);ColecoVision;;1986;Telegames, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Subroc (USA, Europe);Subroc (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Super Action Baseball (USA, Europe);Super Action Baseball (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Sports/Baseball;;;;;0;;;;;
Super Action Football (USA, Europe);Super Action Football (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Sports/Football;;;;;0;;;;;
Super Action Soccer (USA, Europe);Super Action Soccer (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Sports/Soccer;;;;;0;;;;;
Super Cobra (USA);Super Cobra (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Parker Bros;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Super Cross Force (USA);Super Cross Force (USA);ColecoVision;;1986;Spectravision;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Tank Wars (USA);Tank Wars (USA);ColecoVision;;1986;Telegames, Inc.;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Tapper (USA, Europe);Tapper (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Bally/Midway;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Telly Turtle (USA, Europe);Telly Turtle (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Threshold (USA);Threshold (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Sierra Entertainment;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Time Pilot (USA, Europe);Time Pilot (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Tomarc the Barbarian (USA);Tomarc the Barbarian (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Xonox;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Tournament Tennis (USA);Tournament Tennis (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Imagic;Sports/Tennis;;;;;0;;;;;
Turbo (USA, Europe);Turbo (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Tutankham (USA);Tutankham (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Parker Bros;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Up 'N Down (USA);Up 'N Down (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Sega;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Venture (USA, Europe);Venture (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Exidy;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Victory (USA, Europe);Victory (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1983;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
War Games (USA, Europe);War Games (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1984;Coleco;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
War Room (USA);War Room (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Probe 2000;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Wing War (USA);Wing War (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Imagic;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Wizard of Id's Wizmath (USA);Wizard of Id's Wizmath (USA);ColecoVision;;1983;Sierravision;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Word Feud (USA);Word Feud (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Xonox;Action;;;;;0;;;;;
Zaxxon (USA, Europe);Zaxxon (USA, Europe);ColecoVision;;1982;Coleco;Shooter;;;;;0;;;;;
Zenji (USA);Zenji (USA);ColecoVision;;1984;Activision;Action;;;;;0;;;;;

General / Re: advmame still playing behind AM console
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:24:56 PM »
Could somebody please tell me how to update sfml-pi and attract mode ?  I'm having the issue where runcommand is hidden, I was directed to this thread from another saying updating these fixes the issue.
Thanks in advance.

General / Re: Trouble getting MAME2003 working in Attract Mode for Pi
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:09:45 PM »
Your argument is wrong. It should be

Code: [Select]
args                 0 _SYS_ mame-libretro "[romfilename]"

You know what I say, "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself".

Recompile AttractMode and then you'll be able to enable hardware decoding under Configure-->General-->Video Decoding = mmal.

General / Request for a "Tutorial" main forum thread
« on: January 15, 2017, 12:59:19 AM »
I think this would be a helpful part of the forum. People tend to not search for their solutions but tend to follow instructions (if available) when setting things up, especially if they can watch a video (videos can be hosted elsewhere, if needed).

I have answered a few PMs on how to do certain things and I could put them in a new thread that will likely get lost, I think they may be better suited for another undefined part of the forum. This would also be a great area to move or link all of the "How To..." posts. I would also like to see parts of the "read me" files broken down a little in here, no offence but 70% of people don't know they exist or get bored reading them before they get to the part that could have helped them.

In relation to some of the requests for "Pi" specific topics, I think that if someone might write a full Pi build "How To" so we don't have tons of questions about the many flawed/outdated Pi images people can and will download.

What do others think?

P.S. If you have an option for moderator approval before going live that would be smart too.

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