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Here is Lava Layout 1.0

Here is a video of the previous version , early state of design, i will update the video soon.

Download the official Lava v1.0 theme from here:!AdFF3ApI!OM6g5N3kRDAoolsu08pXk3oTVQwCshsBuA0jcsnEaBY

For good order, if you don't have them already, you can download the random wheel sounds from here and place them at your main Attract folder in a folder named 'sounds':!gJs0nQ7a!q4nYNGwxIa8Mo1mPJJ5t9HGJF58vkNe13rlNoNfl708

I hvae download the last version... the only thing i can say is THANKSSSSSSS

Here a screen capture of WIP

asahendrix, its very nice to see your updates... thanks

With all the updates this theme is really cool , much better every time.... thanks

Scripting / Re: multimon in raspberry version
« on: July 19, 2019, 04:19:43 AM »
I have a marquee system with rasp, but it needs 2 machines... here the scripts ans instructions... if you need more info just aks me , cheers.

Yaron2019, asahendrix: thank you both, thank you for insisting on finishing this work, and thanks for the work the time and know-how in code, because of you this "AM Layout´s world"  is nice to be in

Yaron2019: T H A N K S S S S S S S S A LOT!!!!

Here new version, 2 more lava lamp colors and random music with folder ... you have to set in the layuot :  local TotalSongs = "number of songs you have in the folder music" , and songs must be "1.mp3 ....2,3,4,5 etc.mp3"  ... i would like to show sound.metadata but i dont know how... cheers!zNAUFSbB!gwCIxo0IZSovBmp58_xs-FiaJORvMjOR-9nAzdvfpFw

bundangdon: here are the PSDD file and the AFter Effects lava lamp file, but, the backgroud picture is not mine, asahendrix sugested me.!3JxWSCJD!WHGjVItHZYTTjpd0dEDJW4Be0YhXYxyJiyQlkugCdPY

WOW! .... thanks to all for your help, questions & ideas,,,,

Yaron2019: you are a "machine code man", i dont knew that ,,,,THANKS A LOT, i am going to include in my layouts... i am rookie with all this, so thanks for your lessons, trully.

keilmillerjr: i dont know how to make this more compatible , every of you can re write , i will thank you .

asahendrix: thanks for your ideas and your intense help to me , 1, 2 questions : i dont know but Yaron2019 it has given me an idea ;)  ,question 3: well lava is a video, so i have 3 color by the moment, i dont know if it can be done with code, i dont think so... but... i can edit more videos with different colors instead.... i will edit 2 videos for you with orange & blue;) ... and question 4, i dont know how at this moment... sorry so much,

and sorry about my english , i am re studing too.

by the way... here you can see my work with raspberrys marquee and the monitor rotation... a nice work ;)


Problems with background, i am not able to change light for every hour.... i will need help from a good PS designer... i hope someone could help...

Remember , still in progress , ;) everyone can modify , add ideas and code

Themes / New theme , PANDORA Remix for Raspberry pi + Attract Mode.
« on: July 17, 2019, 06:10:02 AM »
Here a new layout i am working in... video work basically.... hope you like. only 3:4 format, it is for arcade machines.

Here fast preview:

holidays off work in progress...remember i am not a programmer , only fight with layout´s code.!TUxSBC6D!mIfTiGJ8dhhQfUQiU3_mvW-7SCU3ZCuhS9wLQFB9kkY

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