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Announcements / Re: Version 2.5.1 bugfix release
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Yesterday at 07:37:00 AM »
Start looking through the source code for the plugin you are using.
Themes / Re: HyperPie Cinematix
« Last post by Steven Campoli on Yesterday at 06:30:47 AM »
I use the Hyperpie Cinematix on my PC, to launch my emulators, but there is something I do not know how to do.
Would it be possible to launch directly from this topic in Attract Mode an application like DBGL.exe (Dos Box Game Launcher)?
What code should I use?
Thank you.

I would also like to know


what if you add as a emulator? Create a empty bat file which is the rom, just thinking out loud,
I did itfor Spotify.exe and it works no problem. Basically the emulator is Spotify.exe and the rom is a empty .bat file or any empty file...
Themes / Re: HyperPie Cinematix
« Last post by Steven Campoli on Yesterday at 06:25:14 AM »
Great work ! Just to nice :)
Announcements / Re: Version 2.5.1 bugfix release
« Last post by yaron on Yesterday at 06:18:23 AM »

Attract only generates a romlist. The “wheel” is something someone coded in squirrel. Two different things.

Source is published as a zip, so I can’t examine it until tonight when on pc. You need to examine what’s packages in that zip.

Thank you, I didn't know that. However, I did the following test with three other layouts and the ONLY layout that did NOT have this bug is the default 'Attrac-Man'. I assume because it does not show any logos or boxart anyway...

I had the same bug with the popular 'Robospin' layout and 'Filter Grid' (isn't it a default layout as well?).
Three layouts, developed by three different individuals showing the same bug. To me it suggests that they are using something in common.

BTW, I am performing these searches using the 'KeyboardSearch plugin' supplied by AM.

Following are the screenhots:
General / Re: Mame not getting focus when lauching from AM in anything but Window-Mode
« Last post by xod on November 16, 2018, 06:54:43 PM »

I tested the 32-bit build, and unfortunately it's the same problem as the 2.4.1 for me. (Works when setting some window to "always on top" etc, just like 2.4.1)
Log when launching AM 2.5.1 (32-bit) -> MAME 0.78 -> 1942 below under normal conditions.

Code: [Select]
loading 1-n3a.bin   
loading 1-n4.bin   
loading 1-n5.bin   
loading 1-n6.bin   
loading 1-n7.bin   
loading 1-c11.bin   
loading 1-f2.bin   
loading 2-a1.bin   
loading 2-a2.bin   
loading 2-a3.bin   
loading 2-a4.bin   
loading 2-a5.bin   
loading 2-a6.bin   
loading 2-l1.bin   
loading 2-l2.bin   
loading 2-n1.bin   
loading 2-n2.bin   
loading 08e_sb-5.bin
loading 09e_sb-6.bin
loading 10e_sb-7.bin
loading f01_sb-0.bin
loading 06d_sb-4.bin
loading 03k_sb-8.bin
loading 01d_sb-2.bin
loading 02d_sb-3.bin
loading k06_sb-1.bin
loading 01m_sb-9.bin
Unable to start video emulation
Error setting cooperative level: 88760245
General / Re: Mame not getting focus when lauching from AM in anything but Window-Mode
« Last post by raygun on November 16, 2018, 05:33:58 PM »
How do we get this information in front of the developers?

I think the root cause may have other interactions with other AM functions that may drive people away from using AM.

I'm aware this issue, but haven't been able to track it down or reproduce it myself to debug.
Knowing that it doesn't happen with 2.0.0rc2 is very helpful. I've gone back and looked at what might have changed and have a theory as to what might be causing this....

I've made a test patch in 2.5.1, would someone who is experiencing this please test one of the following and let me know if the problem is still happening?:



The onyx arcade one looks close to the heal thing. I could take a picture of my happ 25” bezel, but I hacked it a bit to fit in my Neo Geo cabinet. Maybe some one with nos can place it on a white posterboard with decent lighting and snap a high res pic. If I take one, you’ll get the curves. But are close to onyx arcade one. It contours in 4 directions. But from a center perspective, it will have a curved illusion.
Themes / Re: HyperPie Cinematix
« Last post by croww84 on November 16, 2018, 08:41:38 AM »
This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks so much for this :D

One question though....

I've been tinkering with the .nut file to adjust to my preferences, however I can not get the wheel images to preserve aspect ratio. Some are squished horizontally and I'd like them to be displayed as is.

Any thoughts?

Themes / Re: Update - HUD 1.0.4
« Last post by Giacomo1982 on November 16, 2018, 07:45:17 AM »
There's the option menu EXTRA or OVERVIEW

EXTRA shows the romlist extra
OVERVIEW shows the scraper / ....

but you have to use the last version 1.0.4
General / Re: Joy2Key with Attractmode
« Last post by Kevin on November 16, 2018, 07:05:54 AM »
My Program can also convert Joypadinput into Keyboardinput...If you will try it...
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