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General / Re: BIN/CUE roms, how to "prefer CUE if available"?
« Last post by akafox on January 21, 2021, 11:23:08 AM »
First I have to ask why you are using bins for some and cues for one. Use cues for all of them just to make sure you get the music/sounds. I am just curious. It would help to know what system you are trying to work with (PSX, Sega CD, Dreamcast...ect.) Because as progets pointed out you can use a compressed version of the game.

Either that or set the cue file as a separate "emulator" and have the extension type set as .cue. generate your list. then close AM open the new list you just made in a text editor and copy just the game info (the entire line) and paste it into the list it should be on. Reload AM and then go back to settings...displays set the single use 'emulator" to display and cycle to off (or no). Then go back to the games list.

You should now have the game in the list where it should be should load the cue as default and the "cue emulator" not be seen.
Themes / Re: HUD 1.0.7 Theme
« Last post by PittStone on January 21, 2021, 06:35:43 AM »
add a delay

line 791

animation.add( PropertyAnimation( title, { when=Transition.ToNewSelection, property="y", start=-flh*0.30, end=flh*0.00, time=t*2.5, delay=t*2, tween=Tween.Circle }));

for snaps I use only .mp4 480p, sorry I can't help you.

Again, nothing happens. :(
Themes / Re: Handheld Desktop Themes
« Last post by mahuti on January 21, 2021, 06:06:01 AM »
Yes.... and no. I'll make a tweak and push it back up.
Themes / Re: Handheld Desktop Themes
« Last post by Yaron2019 on January 21, 2021, 05:06:33 AM »
I downloaded the latest Gameboy advance master and pos module.
Running it on a 16x9 screen. This is how it is supposed to be - with the game logo under the device?
Scripting / [Script] Create a quick favorite list
« Last post by arthurvalenca on January 21, 2021, 04:17:56 AM »
Here is a script that will help many people to easily and quickly create the list of favorites with file backup, this script was developed by a member of the forum "StackOverflow BR" All credits of the script to the friend "It Wasn't Me", basically you should copy the code below and save it as .bat or .cmd, change to the path of your "Romlists", where the .tag files are stored and execute the script.

Original Version Full Speed Link:

Code: [Select]
@echo off

set /a "_tag=0"
set /a "_num=0"

rem *Place " " Place the path of your romlist folder.

cd /d "D:\AM-2.6.1\Romlists"

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

echo=    AM Favorites Romlist Generator Script for Windows
echo=      Created by - It Wasn't Me - StackOverflow BR   

if not exist .\favorites.txt (
      set /p "'= - Cretating .\Favorites.txt File.."<nul
    )  else (
      set /p "'= - Backing up your old Favorites.txt: "<nul
      move /y .\Favorites.txt .\Favorites.txt.backup 2>nul >nul
      if %errorlevel% equ 0 echo\Done^!!
echo/- Gathering list of your Favorites: Tags-Files

(echo #Name;Title;Emulator;CloneOf;Year;Manufacturer;Category;Players;Rotation;Control;Status;DisplayCount;DisplayType;AltRomname;AltTitle;Extra;Buttons;Series;Language;Region;Rating) > Favorites.txt

for %%G in (*.tag)do (
     set /a "_tag+=1"
     for /f useback^delims^= %%i in (`more "%%~G"`)do (
         set/p "'=- ROM Found in File %%~nxG: %%~i"<nul
         find "%%~i;" <"%%~nG.txt" >>".\Favorites.txt"
         if %errorlevel% equ 0 set /a "_num=!_num!+1"

set /a "_num=!_num! + 1000"
set /a "_tag=!_tag! + 1000"

call echo/- Romlist Files [tag=txt]: !_tag:~-3!
echo/- Favorites added to Disc: !_num:~-3!
echo/- ROMlist .\Favorites.txt: New

echo/- is Done!.. & timeout 5|findstr /ec:\.\Favorites\.txt "%~f0"
goto :EOF
Themes / Re: OlRoom 4x3 Themes (now working in other sizes too)
« Last post by mahuti on January 20, 2021, 08:12:38 PM »
I've updated this theme to run in additional sizes. Still some work I'd like to do, but it's at least a lot more  flexible now.
Themes / Re: Handheld Desktop Themes
« Last post by mahuti on January 20, 2021, 08:03:39 PM »
I've updated these layouts. They will all now run on any size monitor. I also spent some time to make them all look like they come from the same theme, added a few options and details.
Scripting / Re: Pos Positioning Module
« Last post by mahuti on January 20, 2021, 07:47:43 PM »
And lastly.... here's a few before pics of the gameboy layout when it was just built for 4:3 and then shown on different sized monitors. You can see the snap image rotation leaves gaps due to the scaling.
Scripting / Re: Pos Positioning Module
« Last post by mahuti on January 20, 2021, 07:41:37 PM »
Here' another quick example. I'd set all of the snaps and related screen objects to align based on the position of the neogeo pocket overlay image. I changed the overlay to align to the middle of the screen. This is the code i changed to make that happen. 

Code: [Select]

to this code


And everything else shifted position with it.
Scripting / Pos Positioning Module
« Last post by mahuti on January 20, 2021, 07:06:48 PM »

The Pos (Layout Scaling) Module module for AttractMode helps position, scale or stretch items to fit a wide variety of screen dimensions using easy-to-reference pixel values. The goal of this module is to make it easier to design a layout using pixels in a layout editor like Photoshop and then scale it dynamically to fit any format, whether it's 16x9, 4x3 or vertical.

Basically you can tell the pos module your original sizes and positioning in Photoshop and the pos module will scale or stretch your content smartly to fit the current screen size. I like to think of this as something like the Preserve_Art module, except for any positioning and scaling. It also handles font scaling without stretching, and does some basic work to handle the differences between font sizes needed on a horizontal monitor vs. a vertical one.

It basically works in place of existing x,y,width,height values. The basics look like this:

Code: [Select]
fe.load_module("pos") // positioning & scaling module

local posData =  {
    base_width = 1440.0, /* the width of my photoshop design */
    base_height = 1080.0, /* the height of my photoshop design */
    layout_width = fe.layout.width,
    layout_height = fe.layout.height,
    scale= config['scale'], /* set to stretch or scale */
    debug = false,
local scalepos = Pos(posData)

local boxart = fe.add_artwork("boxart", scalepos .x(100), scalepos .y(100), scalepos .width(500), scalepos .height(500));

The code above will dynamically scale to any size or position. There are also methods to handle alignment against the screen and other objects.

I've been using some version of this code for the last few years to make it simpler for me to design a layout in Photoshop and then build it for AttractMode. Recently I updated a bunch of my layouts to use it while testing it. For detailed example of how it works, you can reference those layouts.

These were originally designed to fit 4:3 screens, but will now work on 16:9 or vertically, using the same code.

Lots of details are available in the readme. Check it out when you get a chance.

Here's some pics of what it can do.
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