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General / Re: Daily Windows Build available.
« Last post by zlagos on July 12, 2018, 09:26:06 AM »
What i wanted to say is that yes i compiled AM on MAC OS High Sierra.
I not compiled AM on MAC OS X Mountain Lion, although i have tried.
I not compiled AM on Windows native, although i have tried.
I not compiled AM on Windows cross-compile (linux).
And i have not tried compiling AM in Linux to use it in Linux.

I Need AM in Mac Os X Mountain Lion and Lubuntu 16.04 or 18.04.  I'm not asking, i just comment on my needs. With the Windows version my biggest need has been covered. Thank you very much.

Sorry, i am spanish, my english is limited...

Nahh... I don’t brag for titles, but thanks for appreciation.

Here are another 2 issues I found that may affect the borderless performance:

If you have DPI scale set in display settings to anything other than 100% do the following:
Right click on the shortcut to attract or on the attract.exe and tick disable DPI scaling on the compatibility tab, or
set the DPI override to "Aplication" (the options may vary depending on the version of Windows)

If your desktop resolution does not match the native resolution of the display it can also hinder the performance of the borderless mode. You can fix it by setting "GPU Scaling" in your driver settings.

By doing this you adding an extra framebuffer so when AM reads the snap from the disk it has 32ms instead of 16ms
to update the images. That makes the animations much smoother.

Or just use Full Screen if you can and you do not have issues with it like screen flashing on launching games :)
P.S. I think you deserve a promotion to "Hero Member" or above. Your contributions in the past year have been instrumental to the progression of AM.
Great catch! It might explain some unusual problems that have been randomly seen on the forum.

I have pretty static builds so I would have never seen this. Your eye for detail is exquisite.

Thanks for bringing excellence to Attract-Mode.
Check your file if it’s not containing the negative offset

Code: [Select]
position -1,-1
size 1922,1082

If it looks like this you may be crippling the performance by skipping Windows’ borderless optimizations.
You can manually set it to the correct size

Code: [Select]
position 0,0
size 1920,1080

Or change your window mode to Full Screen and then back to Window (No Border)
The true window mode “Borderless Window” will be implemented in the future that won’t require this workaround.

This happens if you set Window (No Border) after Fill Screen.
Themes / Re: HyperPie2 Theme [V2 Released]
« Last post by Fallinup on July 11, 2018, 08:19:38 PM »
When you said drop the game descriptions in your romlist folder, did you mean the folders and all? Also, is this the right romlist folder? I attached a picture so you can see what I've done. Thanks.

Yup! Looks correct.Are you having problems getting them to show?

Actually they started showing for me. :D At least in the HyperPie2 Theme, not the other themes though. Thank you!
Scripting / Re: ScrollingText module
« Last post by arthurvalenca on July 11, 2018, 07:31:53 PM »
I had some result in scrolling the text up but still is not expected, it follows the scrolling code of the text as the photo shows, does anyone have a hunch?   

Code: [Select]

::OBJECTS <- {
    logo = fe.add_text("[Overview]", flx*0.422, fly*0.85, flw*0.509, flh*0.56 ), 

local pac = {
    when = Transition.ToNewSelection,
property = "y",
start = fly*0.670,
end = fly*0.350,
tween = Tween.Linear,
time = 30000,
delay = 0,
loop = true

animation.add ( PropertyAnimation( OBJECTS.logo, pac ) );
OBJECTS.logo.font = "zektonbo";
OBJECTS.logo.set_rgb ( 255, 255, 255 );
//OBJECTS.logo.set_bg_rgb ( 0, 80, 220 );
OBJECTS.logo.charsize = 14;
OBJECTS.logo.word_wrap = true;
OBJECTS.logo.align = Align.Centre;
General / Re: Daily Windows Build available.
« Last post by 7ank0v1c on July 11, 2018, 02:08:47 PM »
Thanks a lot for this man, I desperately was trying to compile this the last week and I wasted many hours with no success. Compiling is beyond me, to be honest, and I would consider myself an advanced computer user outside of this.

Thanks again  ;D
General / Re: Daily Windows Build available.
« Last post by dabone on July 11, 2018, 01:34:45 PM »
It's the windows build, done in linux.. :)

Scripting / Re: Two functions to create boxes and frames
« Last post by jedione on July 11, 2018, 07:50:35 AM »
have to go to work,   but is this code actually work...

its a great idea.
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