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Emulators / Launch Ranma ½
« on: September 19, 2019, 03:41:04 AM »
Im having problems launching "Ranma ½" games.
I  assume "½" character is the reason.
Because AM seems to be unable to show the media neither.

Scripting / [Plugin WIP] SavestateLoader (only for retroarch-windows)
« on: August 26, 2019, 10:12:44 AM »
This plugin allows you to launch your retroarch savestates directly from AM.


First of all Im not responsable for .cfg corrupted filed, lost savestates...
Use the plugin under your own responsability.
Be aware that the plugin deletes the main auto savestate file from your retroarch folder.

As always I must thank all the community for the help (specially keilmillerjr).

So, Ill try to explain how it works.All paths and config files should be precisely created, otherwise the plugin doesnt work propertlly.

retroarch.cfg (emulator main .cfg file)

Code: [Select]
savestate_auto_index = "false"
savestate_auto_load = "true"
savestate_auto_save = "false"
savestate_directory = ":\states"
savestate_thumbnail_enable = "true"
savestates_in_content_dir = "false"
auto_overrides_enable = "false"

emulator.cfg (AM emulator example .cfg file to understand where you need to create your appendconfig_emulator.cfg file)

Code: [Select]
# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.2.1
executable           cmd
args                 /c cd "Y:\Attrack Mode\systems\RetroArch" & start /wait retroarch -L cores\emulator.dll "[romfilename]" --appendconfig "Y:\Attrack Mode\systems\RetroArch\config\AutoSavestate\appendconfig_emulator.cfg"

Every emulator (AM) needs an 'appendconfig_emulator.cfg'

Code: [Select]
savestate_directory = ":\states\emulator"

I'm using 'emulator' as the main name, should be 'Atari 5200','Game Boy'...

Inside your retroarch installation should be a states folder.
A hard link shell shortcut needs to be created from the emulator to the plugin folder.

This program can make it and its free.

atract.cfg  (AM main .cfg file)

Code: [Select]
plugin SavestateLoader
enabled              yes
param                command SavestateLoader.bat
param                extension_1 .state1
param                extension_2 .state2
param                extension_3 .state3
param                slash /

To launch your savestates you need to asign three 'signal_str' , I've chosen this ones.

Code: [Select]
toggle_rotate_right  T
toggle_flip          Y
toggle_rotate_left   U

   toggle_rotate_right  T ("savestate_1")
   toggle_flip          Y ("savestate_2")
   toggle_rotate_left   U ("savestate_3")

plugin.nut  (plugin main .nut file)

Code: [Select]
show_statesnap ---> fe.get_input_state ("G")
hide_statesnap ---> fe.get_input_state ("H")

Default keys to show or hide your savestates.

And that's it  ;)

It doesnt matter because its a copy of your .state1, .state2 or .state3 file.
But I advise you to test the plugin propertly creating and launching your savestates before putting this file alongside your plugin.nut

General / How to add filter rule [a]
« on: January 20, 2019, 01:29:36 PM »
I have some "duplicated" names containing "[a]" ,  "[a2]" , "" ...


Code: [Select]
rule                 Name not_contains "[h CEZ]"
rule                 Name not_contains "[h MSX Games bOX]"
rule                 Name not_contains "[cr King Soft]"

But doesnt work.
How can I filter this names?

Scripting / Any simple way to delay animations?
« on: January 02, 2019, 06:37:55 AM »
I want to add a delay to a fade in animation when I stop scrolling my gamelist.
The delay property doesnt work well for me.
Anyone has a code for this purpose?

Scripting / Redirect controls doesnt seems to work on RPI
« on: July 29, 2018, 08:26:08 AM »
Trying Filter Grid layout on the rpi with a fresh hyperpie 1 installation but when I press "right" on the filter grid layout it doesnt change to the next filter.

Code: [Select]
fe.add_signal_handler( "on_signal" );
function on_signal( sig )
switch ( sig )
case "up":
if ( sel_index > 0 )
fe.signal( "prev_game" );
return true;
case "down":
if ( sel_index < sel_count - 1 )
fe.signal( "next_game" );
return true;
case "left":
if ( ftr_index > 0 )
return true;
// swap images to reduce reloading
for ( local i=ftr_count-1; i>0; i-- )
for ( local j=0; j<sel_count; j++ )
filters[i-1].m_objs[j].m_obj );
transition_state = TState.Prev;

fe.signal( "prev_filter" );
return true;
case "right":
if ( ftr_index < ftr_count - 1 )
return true;
// swap images to reduce reloading
for ( local i=1; i<ftr_count; i++ )
for ( local j=0; j<sel_count; j++ )
filters[i-1].m_objs[j].m_obj );
transition_state = TState.Next;

fe.signal( "next_filter" );
return true;
case "next_game":
case "prev_game":
case "next_filter":
case "prev_filter":
case "exit":
case "exit_no_menu":
case "select":

This is the code of the layout.nut
Works great on all my windows versions.

I want to create two different functions.

1. I want to showw different backgrounds based on game categories.

2. Different artwork deppending on wich system is selected.

Any suggestion?

Scripting / Favourite Icon doesn´t work
« on: June 16, 2018, 12:18:51 PM »
Tried to show a "favorite" icon on my layout.

Code: [Select]
::OBJECTS <- {
fav = fe.add_image( "favorite.png", 5, 55, 60, 60 ),

OBJECTS.fav.visible = false;

function show_favorite( ttype, var, ttime ) {
 switch ( ttype ) {
  case Transition.ToNewList:
  case Transition.ToNewSelection:
    local inf_fav=fe.game_info(Info.Favourite);
if (inf_fav=="1")
       OBJECTS.fav.visible  = true;
           OBJECTS.fav.visible  = false;
 return false;

fe.add_transition_callback( "show_favorite" );

The thing is the icon only shows "on layout start" and if I change the selected game , shows if I have the previous or the next game selected.
I mean . if I have three games, 1, 2, 3
2 is tag as favourite
If I move to 3 , the favourite icon is showed , same with 1 , but not with 2  :(
Only if I start the f.e. with the 2 game previously selected.

Scripting / Problems Login
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:29:15 AM »
I´m having problems with the login page and when I try to create a new post , redirects me to a blank page.
Some other users are having the same problem.

Sorry for posting here but the "wiki" and "bug reports" section.

Scripting / "Clickable - surface"
« on: May 18, 2018, 07:26:09 AM »
I want to create a little sub menu inside my layout.
Something like the mini nes theme.
The idea is simple.
Click "alt+down" to enter into this submenu and then navigate to one of the free icons , click enter and "search-keyboard" plugin enable . second icon - filters menu , third icon...

Emulators / Autoit Error
« on: May 17, 2018, 04:11:06 AM »
Trying to create a simple script for C64 with retroarch.
All my attempts with autoit failed.

Even a basic script is sending me an error:

Code: [Select]

Sleep, 1000
SetKeyDelay, -1, 110
Send {F11}

Code: [Select]
error: syntax error

Code: [Select]
Aut2Exe Error
Line 5  (File "C:\Users\User\Downloads\AutoIt v3 Script.au3"):

Send {F11}
Send ^ ERROR


Any advice?

P.D. Windows 8.1 x64 , and Autoit v3.3.14.5 , tried Admin privileges run , x86 mode...

Scripting / Overview "on top" thanks to Josezpin
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:22:01 AM »
So Josezpin is devoloping a working code to align the overview descriptions on top , little preview here.

Scripting / Can I set maximum text lines?
« on: April 29, 2018, 10:15:03 AM »
I want ot add the "Overview" text but cant align from top.
So is there any way to set a maximum number of some text , I mean:

I add this code to my layout.nut , but what about if I want to show only the first three lines?

Code: [Select]
local textoverview =fe.add_text("[Overview]", flx*0.084, fly*0.4, flw*0.52, flh*0.1)

Themes / Auto Wheel Creator Theme
« on: April 22, 2018, 04:00:59 AM »

Video demo:

Explanation: : extract inside "modules" folder, LITTLE MOD FROM ARCADEBLISS CONVEYOUR_HELPER , ALL CREDITS TO HIM FOR HIS WORK  :)

Three "border example wheels inside the zip" , credits to "Viking" from the launchbox forums.

Base wheel names has to be the "Emulator" names to work. : extract inside layouts folder

Example for "Sega Mega Drive" emulator

Code: [Select]
fe.layout.font = fe.game_info(Info.Emulator); Needs to be alongside the layout.nut and with the same "Emulator" name

Code: [Select]
      // ----------- List Item Content: Text -----------
      spinList.text.message = "[Title]";
      spinList.text.alignment = Align.Centre;           // OPTIONS:left/right/center
      spinList.text.normal.font = fe.game_info(Info.Emulator);
      spinList.text.normal.size = 18;                // OPTIONS: text font size for every gameList item = 255;            // OPTIONS: text font red color channel 0 - 255 = 255;         // OPTIONS: text font green color channel 0 - 255 = 255;            // OPTIONS: text font blue color channel 0 - 255
      spinList.text.currentlySelected.font = fe.game_info(Info.Emulator);
      spinList.text.currentlySelected.size = 18;       // OPTIONS: text font size for every gameList item = 255;   // OPTIONS: text font red color channel 0 - 255 = 255; // OPTIONS: text font green color channel 0 - 255 = 255;  // OPTIONS: text font blue color channel 0 - 255

Customize text and color options when "logo wheel" is not found.

Code: [Select]
         temp = object.add_customGameItemContent("text", "[Title]", 5 ,30 ,190 ,120);
         temp.font = object.text.normal.font;
         temp.word_wrap = true;
         temp.charsize  = object.text.normal.size;
         temp.align = object.text.alignment;

Text size and position.

Code: [Select]
         temp = object.add_customGameItemContent("artwork","wheel", 20 ,60 ,150 ,60 );
         temp.preserve_aspect_ratio = object.artwork.preserveAspect;
         temp.trigger = Transition.EndNavigation;
         object.gi_textFallback = true;

Base size and position.

Scripting / Reload a module "Transition.ToNewList"
« on: April 21, 2018, 02:40:01 AM »
Any way to reload a module when I change to another gamelist?
I mean , I have made a little change to the conveyour_helper from Arcadebliss:

Lines 1989 - 1990

Code: [Select]
filename = "fe.script_dir "+fe.game_info(Info.Emulator)+".png";
filename = (fileExist(filename)) ? filename :  amPath + "modules/conveyour_helper/"+fe.game_info(Info.Emulator)+".png";

So , if I have the same layout for different systems it doesnt change my "emulatorbackground" I need the layout to reload the module every time I change to another list,system,emulator...

I made this function , the final goal is to show a "pdfIcon" when you have the game manual on the selected folder "pdffilepath"

Code: [Select]
// pdfIcon

local pdffilepath="H://Attract//layouts//Basic//pdf//";
local game_name = fe.game_info(Info.Name);
local pdffile = pdffilepath + game_name + config["extension"];

local littlepngicon = fe.add_image( "manual.png", 0, 0, 200, 200);

function file_exist(pdffile)
   print(pdffilepath + game_name + config["extension"]);
   try {file(pdffile, "r" );return true;}catch(e){return false;}

if (file_exist(pdffile)) littlepngicon.visible=true
else  littlepngicon.visible=false;

Thanks to Daimon , Oomek and the other people who helped with the code.

As I said , only works when I start the frontend, If I start AM and the last selected game has the pdf manual the icon shows.
But when I move between the diferent games it doesnt change.
I mean if appears when I start the f.e. keeps showing all the time and if I selected a game who doesnt have the pdf manual - close A.M. - and open it again the icon is gone and doesnt shows anymore even if I move to a game who has the pdf manual.

Any help?

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