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Hey group,

I've recently created an Attract Mode theme to use on my Waveshare GameHAT portable console and wanted to share it.

You can download it via Github.

It's a minimal theme ... but easily readable still.

You can use it for any display (Displays menu, nested displays, systems, etc).

Below are screen snapshots (taken on a normal Retropie/TV setup - not the GameHAT since it's very hard to take live screenshots on) that will demo what it looks like.

To make use of the genre icons - your romlist files need to have the Category value filled in.

The screenshots show:

1) main menu for Arcades category
2) nested menu for Atari Classics
3) Atari Classics system menu

I re-coded my normal 720p system snaps into a 640x480 resolution to use on the GameHAT. 

The game snaps are the SQ quality versions from EmuMovies.

If anyone wants my converted system snaps (there's about 270 of them - all systems plus a ton of collections)...I'll post the link as well.

Hope some find it useful!

Themes / Attract Mode theme conversion - Big Box Unified
« on: May 17, 2018, 07:34:38 AM »
Hey group,

I converted the Big Box theme called “Unified” (which is itself a port of the prior Hyperspin themes) into an Attract Mode layout. I also added in many more Collections PNGs to the layout.

There are two.

unified_menu       use for the displays menu (and sub-menus if using a nested menu mode)
unified_systems       use for all system/collections displays

It uses the system snaps (/menu-art/snap) full screen so make sure you are using high enough quality MP4 files so they don’t look all pixelated.

I use the 16x9 HD unified snaps from EmuMovies for my systems … and I just uploaded about 100 16x9 HD unified style snaps to EmuMovies for a bunch of collections as well. 

The layouts are pretty simple, not much to them since they use MP4’s full screen, but it does look nice on my Windows PC machine’s Attract Mode setup.

I added the game's boxart/cartart images dropping down like the Big Box theme has (check your AM emulator config files to add the boxart and cartart file paths if needed).

It does follow the Hyperspin/EmuMovies naming convention for system display names ... so you may have to adjust either your display's name or the filenames of the various PNG's to match.

I'm sure the layout.nut files could be enhanced, but it seemed to work pretty well for me.  So if you tweak it, please upload your changes!

Here’s the download link:

--9-28-2018 edit--

Download from Github (click on the Green button and select download as ZIP).

main menu theme/layout

systems menu theme/layout

Themes / Attract Mode Theme - Star Trek LCARS
« on: May 11, 2017, 07:10:30 AM »
Hey everyone,

As a compliment to my Emulation Station Star Trek LCARS theme, I'm in the process of porting it over to AM.

One of the new additions to the AM theme is that the theme is going to make use of the [Overview] token to provide game descriptions.

I've already pre-made several thousand files and I'm in the process of finishing that up (just have the computer systems left to create).

Once I release the theme, I'll include all of the game description files along with instructions on where to copy them to.  Plus, I'm also going to provide a download link to the game description files themselves.  I'll also provide some sample code to put into a layout.nut file to use them.  So if you want to incorporate game descriptions into your themes, this may save you some time by not having to create them.

I've still got a little bit of work to do (game files, remaining system wheels, etc) ... but I'm hoping to release it in a couple of weeks. 

Below you can see what the AM theme will look like.  You can also find the ES LCARS theme on my Youtube channel along with its download link.

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