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General / PC not working
« on: February 27, 2019, 06:41:47 AM »
My PC inside my arcade machine is not working. Perhaps some one can confirm or help diagnose? It’s only 3 years old with minimal run time as I spend more time coding on my iMac than playing games.

PC was working with windows 10, crt emudriver, hd5450 OEM bios, jpac.

Video sometimes flickered when I touched pc/cable/jpac. I never really narrowed it down.

Removed PC to install new hard drive to setup for my friend. Connected vga on hd5450 to lcd. No video. Tried vga on mb as well. Also hdmi. No video. Reconnected old hard drive that was working in my arcade machine. Figured I would at least get bios. Nothing. Reconnected it to jpac and arcade machine. Nothing.

Connected new hard drive and lcd again. Removed power, battery, and moved jumper to clear bios. Perhaps my fast start setting was messing things up. Held power button for half minute while off. Turned on. Held power again. Removed power, put jumper back, reinstalled battery, powered up again. No video any ports (except dvi, didn’t try no cable). Removed video card. Tried again. No video.

Does this sound like a symptom of a bad motherboard? Perhaps physically moving it out the arcade machine and it not working was a coincidence?

Asus p8h61-1 r2.0

Scripting / zorder
« on: January 15, 2019, 04:47:25 AM »
zorder - Get/set the Text's order in the applicable draw list. Objects with a lower zorder are drawn first, so that when objects overlap, the one with the higher zorder is drawn on top. Default value is 0.

Code: (Layout) [Select]
local gameInfo = container.add_text("[Year] [Manufacturer]", -1, -1, 1, 1);
setProps(gameInfo, config.gameInfo);

local gameInfoBR = container.add_text("[Year] [Manufacturer]", -1, -1, 1, 1);
setProps(gameInfoBR, config.gameInfo);
gameInfoBR.set_rgb(0, 0, 0);
gameInfoBR.set_pos(config.gameInfo.x+(overscan*0.25), config.gameInfo.y+(overscan*0.25));
gameInfoBR.zorder = -1;

printL("Game Info zorder: " + gameInfo.zorder);
printL("Game Info BR zorder: " + gameInfoBR.zorder);

Code: (Terminal) [Select]
Game Info zorder: 0
Game Info BR zorder: -1

I have two objects. I would like the second object placed under the first. A negative integer does not change the zorder.? Changing the zorder of the second object to 1 places it under the first. Actually, I have no idea. I get whacky results. Does this make sense?

General / Raspberry-Pi-MAME-Setup-Guide
« on: January 12, 2019, 12:04:56 PM »
I used raspbian lite. Guide covers configuring the operating system, compiling attract-mode, MAME, advancedMAME, and auto booting to a binary. For those who want a slimmed down mame setup, this guide is for you. For those who want to boot directly into a single game to use the pi as a board replacement, this guide is also for you.

Guide is unfinished, but would be considered a „working" status. Will make edits to the readme on next day off. I am considering creating an image or possibly an installer script.

Themes / Introducing: randtro-intro
« on: January 06, 2019, 10:47:59 PM »
I just released my first official version of mvscomplete. Then I thought about a feature requested by some one here - having the intro select random videos. Well, I implemented it. I then decided to split the feature off and make it a stand alone project. It currently only supports 4:3, but will add full screen soon on my next days off and will tag it as a versioned release. Shaders are supported. Some default videos are provided.

Take it as a working proof of concept pre-release. It’s currently styled very biased to my mvscomplete layout. Will make it more universal.


Scripting / shader-module: First official release
« on: January 03, 2019, 12:57:12 PM »
This is Shader’s first official release. Shader will now used versioned releases. Please update your layouts to the latest release and make note of the version used to prevent the breaking of your layouts.

Updated and new shaders. Shaders folder path accessible from a global variable. Shaders create shader variable and use set_default function to set default parameters. Updated readme. This commit will break existing usage of the module, and layouts must be updated.

RoundCorners(radius, imageWidth, imageHeight, [subImgWidth], [subImgHeight]);

If you are using my existing shader module, the latest commit will break existing layouts. I am sorry. Please either update your layout, or link in your readme to a previous specific commit. I am now using versioning, and it should prevent issues like this in the future.

Currently, all of my themes have to use a previous commit until I have time to update them. mvscomplete is almost ready. Playchoicecomplete and Flavors will need time.

Big thank you to luke jones and oomek for converting or creating these shaders. Will be adding more by both of them as well as zpaolo11x, when time permits. Thank you guys! Wrapping these up into a module helps myself, and perhaps others too.

Scripting / shuffle-module: First official release
« on: January 01, 2019, 07:51:20 PM »
This is Shuffle’s first official release. Shuffle will now used versioned releases. Please update your layouts to the latest release and make note of the version used to prevent the breaking of your layouts.

I know some people are using my shuffle module. The latest commit will break existing layouts. I am sorry. Please either update your layout, or link in your readme to a previous specific commit. I am now using versioning, and it should prevent issues like this in the future.

Expect to see versioning in use slowly as I update other modules/plugins/layouts. I accomplished some attract coding on my holiday break. Still need to polish a few items, update readme, and push to GitHub. Might be a few days for other releases like an updated shader module. We will see how my new work schedule of 12hr nights works out. Good news is I will have random days off during the week with a 2 on / 3 off / 3 on / 2 off schedule. Not excited.

General / Lost ability to hold next game button
« on: December 29, 2018, 04:28:55 PM »
Default behavior is to hold next or previous game button and it will keep cycling through games. I am on mac os x running precompiled attract 2.5.1. Now all of a sudden, holding the next or previous game key only moves the index 1 game. This action is regardless of what theme I use. I have had attract crash twice in the last two days. Restart attract would result in a black screen and only the debug plugin showing. Deleting corrected the issue. Also regained the holding key ability. Then it happened again. Didn’t regain ability this time. Not sure if the two are related. Ideas? I tried to see if there was a config gui option and couldn’t find anything.

General / Merry Christmas!
« on: December 24, 2018, 09:38:41 PM »
Merry Christmas to my favorite hobby and all the friends I’ve made along the way!

Feel free to share any new Christmas gifts you may have received, or projects your currently working on! I had a little bit of time while waiting for kids to sleep to work on a major update to my shaders module. Hopefully making it something that will be used across layouts other than my own. Working this holiday week starting tomorrow. Perhaps extra income can yield me marquee plexi since I accidentally slipped when cutting mine.

Scripting / Issue with surface?
« on: December 08, 2018, 11:58:20 PM »
I have two layouts that use the same general format - mvscomplete and playchoicecomplete. I have an issue where if you start attractmode on a display using one of the layouts, my „container" surface is not shown unless I reload the layout. Remember, layouts get reloaded between displays. If I start with a different layout such as arcadeflow, and then switch displays, the issue will not be present. Using the intro, issue is not present. Using microsoft windows, issue is not present. Only on my mac. Which is very odd. Any ideas? Can some one take a look? I’m about to scrap the surface idea to resolve the issue.

General / Display art
« on: November 27, 2018, 03:57:10 AM »
Had a busy month. Going to do some updating/bug fixing to the random plugin after work today. With the addition of using displays, I realized that I’m lacking good artwork for them. My mvscomplete theme uses flyers/minis and video snaps. Vs system has no video snap on emumovies. I could make the video snaps. Flyers/minis? Should I make a different layout for displays? Maybe use a logo for background? Ideas?

General / Fun with raspberry pi
« on: November 23, 2018, 10:46:03 AM »
RetroFlag MegaPi case
Raspberry Pi 3 b+
Case fan and heatsinks
Raspbian Lite 10/09/2018
Composite 240p for crt

Compiled mame 0.203
Attract 2.5.1

Will do testing soon. I’m having an issue with my psu and think it’s effecting performance greatly. Mame speed has been decreasing. Under voltage issue.

General / Compiling Attract on Rasbian Stretch Lite
« on: October 28, 2018, 06:18:13 PM »
Creating my own rPi image from scratch. Using Raspbian Stretch Lite. I have recompiled SDL 2.0.8 and have mame 0.200 installed.

Does the Compiling on the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Jessie) guide still apply to stretch? Git isn’t installed. Can probably substitute with wget.

What are the differences and advantages/disadvantages between software video decoding only and hardware accelerated video decoding?

General / Issue with attract and my Mac
« on: October 22, 2018, 03:40:11 AM »
I notice we finally have a few Mac users. I’ve been having issues with my mid-2011 iMac and attract for a few years now. Layouts on first load are usually missing an object or a few. It’s always consistent. I can’t make sense of it. Added a small snippet to mvscomplete last week, I get my background snap back but now loose the list count object. Reloading the layout corrects these issues. Doesn’t happen on my arcade machine running win10.

I also don’t get artwork working in arcadeflow. Odd.

Is everything working ok for other Mac users?

Scripting / What action causes Transition.EndNavigation?
« on: September 21, 2018, 09:02:52 AM »
I’m working on the sequencer experimental branch. It’s important to send signals for themes that move a selected game indicator. I think the plugin is currently causing issues with the fadeart module because it’s triggered by Transition.EndNavigation (or ToNewList). What does attract use as indication of navigation? Repetitive signaling? Probably not. Repetitive input states? I get lost looking at attractmode source.

General / Finally pushing some small bits to github
« on: August 05, 2018, 02:56:03 PM »
I’ve been busy lately. Yayaya. Obtained a new job and waiting for the official offer, fixing CNC machines and eventually will be programming the PLC’s. With the release of mame 0.200, I decided to update my romset and push some things I worked on a while ago to GitHub.

playchoicecomplete is a layout inspired from the Nintendo Playchoice-10 arcade machine. Once my romset is finished updating, I’ll get a proper gif. I think it would be weird showing you guys this theme with only neo geo titles as I currently have nothing else on my dev machine. Repo is pushed and should be all set minus that gif, if you want to check it out.

QuirkFix is a plugin that helps to fix small user quirks during arcade use. It can close emulator after specified period of inactivity. This can eliminate burn in from a game left on. AttractMode has a good screensaver. It can also close emulator after holding signal (key) for specified period of time. This prevents accidental button press exiting emulator. It can also be expanded based on feedback, but would like to keep it lightweight. I just need to compile and create docs.

attract-tag-parser is a ruby script that parses attract tag lists and can tell you which files you have matching/missing, copy resources matching the tag list, etc. Its meant to be used with something like the no filler tag list I created for attract, or any custom one you choose. You can create small romsets tailored for your specific setup. Code is like 90% complete. All components work, but I have some command line print out issues that need to be resolved.

Flavors theme could use a small update. I realized that people are actually using the theme. I’m currently at 0% completion with it. It’s probably a single hours worth of work, to get some small formatting updated and the shaders for vertical mode corrected.

Hopefully I can get these completely finished and shared this week.

I think I figured out in my head how to add animation compatibility to shuffle to make it more wiiflow/conveyor like, while still being super easy and layout developer configurable - but we will see if I ever get to it.

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