Author Topic: Attract Mode crashes in Menus Win 10  (Read 802 times)


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Attract Mode crashes in Menus Win 10
« on: September 26, 2018, 03:40:36 AM »
I can launch attract mode just fine and select English but when I go to enter any of the menus after hitting tab Attract mode instantly crashes.  I just acquired a used laptop and was used to Attract Mode on Linux so I thought I'd give Win 10 a go.  I installed basic windows, did some updates and installed dx10 then attract mode, then it would crash when trying to enter any of the menu selections with a visual c++ error so I updated Windows fully and the crash would still happen but it would no longer show the visual c++ error box now showing no error at all.  Then I thought I'd reinstall visual c++ so I did so and reinstalled 2017 with no luck of fixing my problem.  Any suggestions would be great.  I know I was able to use the --verbose line in Linux to help troubleshoot so I don't know if there is an option like that. Thanks!