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Basic questions
« on: November 21, 2018, 09:30:08 PM »
Hey guys. I'm trying to make a theme for AM. I have plenty of experience making them for various programs, but I've found it difficult on AM due to the reliance on "hardcore" programming parlance (I'm not a programmer), and the seeming lack of a standard (I looked at a bunch of themes, and they all seem to have a different structure).

I'm still on the display menu stage. Here's what I've built so far via the layout creator program: and here's what I'm trying to achieve: As you can see I'm far away still, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out with some of the questions that I have.

1. How do I center an object horizontally and vertically? - I need to apply this to the listbox.
2. How can I edit the selected item? - I need to increase its height so that I can fit the "X Games" info below and make it display the wheel image
3. How can I add some basic animations? - I'm looking to have some effect when scrolling through the listbox, and a fade or a slide when entering a system (like EmulationStation)

Here's the code I have (I reduced it the most I could from the output the program gave me, so that it's more readable):