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RetroMania Theme
« on: March 09, 2019, 08:15:33 PM »
This is a theme I have been working on, this video only showcases the DisplaysMenu, Arcades and Computers. I'll update Consoles, Handhelds and Collections menus later as the video was getting too big.

Two considerations behind theme design was to make it light-weight and very thorough, having a display menu for every system even if its not currently emulated. Front-end being used is Attract-Mode, I am also utilizing viking's excellent Nostalgia platforms set (with filters applied) and Silver ring logo set.

This theme is a fork of another theme RetroMode (check my past videos), since both themes utilize same artworks I'll probably be releasing them together. At first I was thinking of adding this theme as another layout of RetroMode but when differences became major I decided to make this a separate theme. This will probably be my main theme and I'll keep on updating it.

 I'll add links to theme download here once the theme is complete. be-warned though, it will take some weeks before a downloadable version is ready.