Author Topic: Emulator loading to black screen - SOLVED  (Read 230 times)


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Emulator loading to black screen - SOLVED
« on: March 20, 2019, 02:41:13 AM »
Hi all. New here and just started playing with attract mode. It has potential for what I need.

So to start, I'm setting up an emulation machine on an old acer netbook running xp. Figured get some use out of the ol girl.

When I installed am, it auto recognised mame and that worked perfectly. But every emulator I would setup would start the game. Give a black screen, but you could here it running. So.e emulators pressing etc would fix it. But if not I was stuck here as I hadn't setup my close key yet. And no alt tabbing would vet me out.

Long story short, its painfully simple. If the emulator is not set to full screen when it loads a Rom it does this. I set every emulator I was using to this setting (all the ones that would let me at least) and worked every time.

I did some deep searching. Found this question had been asked in many ways. But never properly answered from what I could find. And it was not in the faq either.

I'm only on the very cusp of this and will be learning muuuuuuch more I'm sure. My plan is to have this as a full front end with pretty pictures, videos etc. I am consitering trying to come up with a way to separate alphabetically as well as some of my game selections are, lets say expansive. This front end is nice because its really light weight.

Note. Please ignore any weird spelling errors or typos. This is on my phone and my autocorrect is a butt sometimes.