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Re: New Theme - Unified
« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2018, 06:53:06 PM »
OK much much googling later - created a batch file with following commands to replicate the favourites script on a windows machine  :)
just change the path as required ....

@echo off
cd D:\frontends\attract-v2.3.0-win64\romlists - change this path to suit your setup
del Favorites.tag

echo This script will generate a new romlist called Favorites.txt
echo The new romlist will contain all of your current tagged favorites from all different romlists.
timeout /t 3 /nobreak >nul

echo Renaming old Favorites.txt file .....
copy Favorites.txt Favorites.txt.backup
timeout /t 3 /nobreak >nul
echo Gathering file listing of tagged favorites .....
timeout /t 3 /nobreak >nul
echo Generating new Favorites.txt file .....
timeout /t 3 /nobreak >nul
dir/b *.tag > tagfiles

for /f %%a in (tagfiles) do (echo "Using %%~na ....."
   for /f %%b in (%%~na.tag) do (findstr %%b; %%~na.txt >> Favorites.txt )
timeout /t 3 /nobreak >nul
del tagfiles

echo "Finished creating new Favorites.txt ....."

echo "Using this new romlist, create a new Display and choose Favorites as the romlist for it."
echo "You may need to periodically update the Favorites romlist as you add tad new favorites."
timeout /t 6 /nobreak >nul