Author Topic: Command arguments for multiple floppy disks - X68000 emulation on groovymame  (Read 568 times)


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Merry Christmas all, and apologies if this has already been covered. I've searched and can't quite find the info I need.

I'm using GroovyMAME to play X68000 games and am struggling with games that have more than one floppy disk when launching with AM.

The command argument I am using is:

Code: [Select]
x68000 -flop1 "[romfilename]" -flop2 "[romfilename]
But this just loads disk one in both floppy drives. I have got the .DIM files for each game in one .zip. So for games with multiple floppies there are several .DIM files in one .zip.

I am able to reassign the second disk when MAME has started to load, but have to do that each time I play the game.

Thanks for any advice!