Author Topic: Possible to make the KeyboardSearch plugin work on 2nd monitor?  (Read 302 times)


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I have a multi monitor layout, that shows my romlist on both monitors. This lets me choose a ROM from either monitor. Everything works great.

However, when I run the KeyboardSearch plugin, the search dialog appears only on monitor 1. The results, however, properly appear on both monitors.

Looking at KeyboardSearch.nut, the dialog is initted with:

         _last_search = fe.overlay.edit_dialog(
            "Search for:",
            _last_search );

If I add a second dialog after that, they're executed sequentially, not simultaneously.

Maybe there's some way to clone that dialog box to monitor 2?

Or some way to simply move it to monitor 2? If so I could make two separate search plugins, one for when I'm using Monitor 1, and one for Monitor 2, with different triggers to launch each one.

Anyway, thanks for any help, and let me know if any of the above isn't clear.