Author Topic: Attract Mode booting up with only "Ports" and "Exit Attract Mode" selections  (Read 323 times)


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I've run into the problem of AM booting up and only having the options "Ports" and "Exit Attract Mode" even though in ES I have access to all the emulators and their Roms. I have removed and added new Roms in ES but I wouldn't think it would cause an issue in AM. Can anyone tell me where the config file is that tells AM what emulators to load? I'ts obviously not es_system.cfg... Any help would be greatly appreciative!!   


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/home/pi/.attract/attract.cfg if you installed AM from the command line.

/opt/retropie/configs/all/attractmode/attract.cfg if you used the RetroPie setup menu.

IMO - There are quirks/drawbacks/issues using the RetroPie setup menu to install AM. If you recently "upgraded" AM (or everything) in the RetroPie setup menu, it's likely your issue.