Author Topic: Animate flyer from position x,y to position x+400,y+400  (Read 57 times)


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Animate flyer from position x,y to position x+400,y+400
« on: August 04, 2018, 09:50:44 AM »
Well, with animate.nut i managed to make horizontal animations:

Code: [Select]
::OBJECTS <- {artwk = fe.add_image("objs/emulators/[Emulator]", flx*0.75, fly*0.005, flw*0.25, flh*0.162)}
local move_artwk1 = {when = Transition.ToNewSelection, property = "x", start = OBJECTS.artwk.x + OBJECTS.artwk.width, end = OBJECTS.artwk.x, time = 1}
local move_artwk2 = {when = When.ToNewSelection, property = "x", start = OBJECTS.artwk.x, end = OBJECTS.artwk.x + (OBJECTS.artwk.width*1.5), time = my_time, delay=my_delay}
animation.add(PropertyAnimation(OBJECTS.artwk, move_artwk1));
animation.add(PropertyAnimation(OBJECTS.artwk, move_artwk2));

and vertically:

Code: [Select]
::OBJECTS <- {surface = fe.add_surface(sw, sh)}
local daframe = OBJECTS.surface.add_image("objs/frames/frame_red.png", 0, 0, sw, sh);
local title = OBJECTS.surface.add_text("[Title]", sx*0.001+1, sy*0.2+1, sw*0.75, sh*0.01);
local move_surface1 = {when = Transition.ToNewSelection, property = "y", start = flh, end = OBJECTS.surface.y, time = 1}
local move_surface2 = {when = When.ToNewSelection, property = "y", start = OBJECTS.surface.y, end = flh, time = my_time, delay=my_delay}
animation.add(PropertyAnimation(OBJECTS.surface, move_surface1));
animation.add(PropertyAnimation(OBJECTS.surface, move_surface2));

And now i want to move an object from the center of the screen to the lower right corner (from position x,y to position x+400,y+400), and i do not know if it can be done.

And it does not matter to me that first it moves horizontally and then vertically or that it goes directly diagonally, but yes, in a single movement of the wheel

Any ideas to do it?