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Has anyone installed linux on a jail broken wii, then installed A/M with retroarch? I would realy like to just turn on the wii and jump right into a/m.

ooo... I would like that too.
I have 3 wii laying around and collecting dust.

launching it though homebrew would be even better. I bet that would take a lot of work though.

I've seen vid when a guy was launching emu games via WiiFlow - with covers and everything.
I would gladly pay someone to make this happen, but I'm not gonna try to do it my self - to many interesting things to do - I just have to prioritise :D

Yes it can be done. I have done it. You have to have the White WII with version 4.3..I think. There is a program that you get and put your MAC address into and then it does all the changes and sets it up for you you just have to install it.."Letter Bomb" I think it is.

Normally you use a flaw in a game to "hack it" (Softmod) but there is a stand alone exe out there somewhere..but i can't remember where..if i find it I'll post it here. It works great. I can play Atari2600 5200 7800 NES Snes SMS Sega Megadrive/Genisis and some MAME roms..on and Turbo graphics-16/PC Engine and DOSBox.

That is what I used before I had my PI. You need at least a 8GB SD might handle a 16GB..I don't remember.


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