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ok... im done with windows. im tired of all the errors and its reconfigurings of my stuff!!
whats the  best linux distro  ???
ive used puppy so im not totally ignorant to linux but i could really use some pointers.

thanks guys / gals in advanced

Hi there i just re-did my linux box and updated to ubuntu 18.04 attract works great. As far as I know there are 2 option you can install retropie and have that deal with everything. Or do as I did and go the solo route. This means installing the emulators such as retroarch manually and configuring attract to suit.  I'd be more than happy to post my attract cfg's so you can see the arguments ect. You can even install wine and load windows games. I have games like cuphead running perfect in linux.

would love it if you could put the configs in a zip, and share :D

It works perfectly for me on lubuntu 16.04 on a samsung laptop with intel atom n270 and 2gb ram.

I use Attract-Mode + Retroarch.

I do not usually like that kind of distros (puppy, etc.) because they are not persistent.

Wikipedia definition: "Persistence – in computer science refers to the characteristic of data that outlives the execution of the program that created it. Without this capability, data only exists in RAM, and will be lost when the memory loses power, such as on computer shutdown."

Here are my configs note they are not 100 finished and dependent to my system. You'll need to edit them to suit yours. But I guess its a good reference. Very much a W.I.P


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