Author Topic: Adding Overviews For Emulated Systems (e.g. NES, Genesis)  (Read 329 times)


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Adding Overviews For Emulated Systems (e.g. NES, Genesis)
« on: September 10, 2018, 02:16:17 AM »
While experimenting with overviews today I (accidentally) found a solution for adding overviews for emulated systems. I am pretty sure someone was asking about that but can't find the thread right now. In latest version of Attract-Mode overviews for roms are stored in:

AM\scraper\[Emulated System]\overview\[rom-name].txt

(Note: In prior versions overviews were stored in AM\romlists\[Emulated System]\[rom-name].cfg)

IF you are using sub-menus e.g. "Start>Consoles>NES" (You don't need Platforms plugin in latest version) you can add overviews for emulated systems by creating a folder "@" in AM\scraper. Result should be like this:

AM\scraper\@\overview\[Emulated System].txt

An Example:
Lets say there is system "NES (Retroarch)", The file should be placed as:

AM\scarper\@\overview\NES (Retroarch).txt

You can add and tweak overviews presentation in layouts via following variables:

//Overview //Heading in comment
local soverview = fe.add_text("[Overview]", 680, 10, 600, 1070); // Add overview (I'm calling it soverview for systemoverview you can name it anything not in use) + Dimensions
soverview.font="BebasNeue Book.ttf"; //Font utilized - In windows either placed with other fonts in "\Windows\Fonts" or placed in layout folder
soverview.align = Align.TopLeft; // Alignment of text - in recent versions AM supports Top/ Bottom alignment
soverview.word_wrap = true; // Word Wrap true or false
soverview.charsize = 24; // Text size = Style.Bold; // Style Bold, Normal or Italic
soverview.set_rgb(180,180,180); //Text color

PS: funny thing, I thought it'll work by adding actual platform categories like arcades or consoles no idea why "@" would work in this case - secondly please move overviews from /scraper to /overviews. Scraper is like a temporary folder before you move scraped data to relevant places. I'm afraid of overwriting data :(
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