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POLL: What system are you running Attract Mode on?

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This information can help in debugging Attract Mode.
If there is a system that you would like to add ie. a speciffic macOS/OSX version please leave a note.

I am using a total of three systems now. My target platforms are different than my development platform. Can we check off more than one?

Dev: Mac 10.13.6
Mach: Win 10 1607 enterprise
Proj: Raspbian lite 10/09/2018

I was thinking about the target platform as a singular answer. Anyway, I believe there was an option to allow more than 1 vote, but now it's gone when I edit the poll. I would need to recreate it.

I usually use AM in Windows 10, especially to develop themes and scripts, but in my macbook and mi macmini, i use macOS, in my raspi, Raspbian, and in my laptop i use Lubuntu, and in all i have AM installed, but the voting only allows to choose one option...   Oomek, change this, please...  :P

Mahuti has changed the voting to multiselection. You can remove your vote and then select more than one system.


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