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Syskeuomorphic theme.
« on: July 05, 2019, 02:38:49 PM »
I've already said here that long gone are the times when, if you wanted something suave and beautiful, you had to build your own theme.
Now you just go out and grab one.

So, when I moved and my 4x3 arcade cabinet couldn't come with me, I decided to take a different approach for the 16x9 living room TV.

I've always loved the unique look and feel of the myriad 8 and 16 bit systems of olden. Their colors, characters, shapes, sounds... How music or smells remind me of specific systems at specific times of my life.

So, Syskeuomorphic was born.
Syskeuomorphic is a simple Attract Mode layout that intends to mimic the look and feel of the classical videogames and computer systems displays.
It is simple and text heavy on propose and design but has some nice features like alternate displays (a Vectrex one without overlays and an anaglyph Virtual Boy) that launch the emulators with these settings.

For now it has the systems I had or heavily played with:
ZX81, Atari 2600, Odyssey², Vectrex, TRS Color 2, MSX, Amiga, Virtual Boy and Arcade.
But it is relatively simple to add new ones.

Get it here:
Some instructions are there as well.

It was never meant to be distributed so it is not the most plug and play thing ever, but if you have any difficulty just ask me.

As a side note, even if almost all of the fonts for these systems already exist, their licenses are a bit restrictive (I couldn't distribute some or change another, a necessity on system with inverted lower cases like the ZX81 or the TRS Color) so I developed a system to convert old bitmap font dumps to vector fonts. It can help someone here on similar endeavours.