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Modified hyperspin.nut
« on: August 24, 2019, 10:53:16 AM »
Hi everyone, since i learned how to use the hyperspin layouts, using the hyperspin.nut, i didn't like the size and shape of the wheel of games. So i have changed the hyperspin.nut to decrease the size of the logos on the wheel and made them scroll vertically. You can check out on the video of my system, from minute 6:04: . I will attach my version of the hyperspin.nut. Since i use this file on retropie+attract (both updated till today), the file must be put on /usr/local/share/attract/loader. Obviously you should backup your hyperspin.nut first. For those who never tried the Hyperspin layouts, you must create a folder inside ./attractmode/layouts named Hyperspin (with capital H) and inside that folder the names of the Displays you want to use that layout (not the name in the roms folder). Inside that folder you must  create 2 folders: Themes and Images. Inside the Themes folder you put the zip files with the exact same name of the rom. Thats it.