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Scraping from not working
« on: June 16, 2020, 07:20:46 AM »
Hey all,

I see theres a bunch of older posts relating similarly to this, however ive got a couple of issues im hoping can be answered relating to this topic.

1. If is not working to scrape from, is there a way to use a different site? And if so, any suggestions?
2. If theres no way to scrape withcanything else whilst thegamedb isnt working, does anyone have a suggestion with link for packs of marquee and/or wheel art?

Thanks in advance :)


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Re: Scraping from not working
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2020, 07:42:45 AM »
>emulator/display configurations are stored here:
in my case : C:\attract\emulators

>AM scraper artwork are stored here:
in my case : C:\attract\scraper\mame\marquee and so on

romfile-name and artwork-name must be the same:
my_game123 (US).smc
my_game123 (US).png

>AM scraper
try latest version of attract & name your systems like here

examples, examples..

executable           C:\attract\EMU\mame\mame.exe
args                 [name] -skip_gameinfo
rompath              C:\attract\EMU\mame\roms
romext               .zip;.7z;<DIR>
system               Arcade
info_source          listxml
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    marquee         C:\attract\scraper\mame\marquee
artwork    snap            C:\attract\scraper\mame\video;C:\attract\scraper\mame\flyer

amiga 500
executable           C:\attract\EMU\amiga\System\FS-UAE\Windows\x86-64\fs-uae.exe
args                 --floppy-drive-0="[romfilename]" --fullscreen --floppy-drive-0-sounds=0 --floppy-drive-speed=100 --floppy-drive-volume-empty=100
rompath              C:\attract\EMU\amiga\roms
romext               .adf
system               Amiga
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    marquee         C:\attract\scraper\amiga\marquee
artwork    snap            C:\attract\scraper\amiga\video;C:\attract\scraper\amiga\flyer

executable           C:\attract\EMU\zsnes\zsnesw.exe
args                 -m "[romfilename]"
rompath              C:\attract\EMU\zsnes\ROMS
romext               .smc
system               Super Nintendo (SNES)
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    marquee         C:\attract\scraper\zsnes\marquee
artwork    snap            C:\attract\scraper\zsnes\video;C:\attract\scraper\zsnes\flyer

>add own artwork
create a prefered artwork folder structure (for my own artwork, i use C:\attract\scraper too):

start AM

create your emulator/display:
press TAB key > Emulators > Add Emulator > config executable and so on
config paths to your artwork too:
marquee         C:\attract\scraper\zsnes\marquee
snap            C:\attract\scraper\zsnes\video;C:\attract\scraper\zsnes

close AM

copy your artwork to prefered artwork folder.
romfile-name and artwork-name must be the same:
my_game123 (US).smc
my_game123 (US).png

start AM

artwork should appears

>change specific/existing artwork
check where specific artwork-file is found

close AM

goto artwork-folder

replace existing artwork-file with your prefered artwork-file

start AM

specific game should now have the prefered artwork

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Input : Mad Catz Brawlstick; Mouse; Keyboard; Xbox360 Wireless
Cabinet : Yes
OS : Windows10 Pro
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Re: Scraping from not working
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2020, 08:30:54 AM »
gamesdb has a request limit which is not that high .. so if your scraping a lot it will fail at some point. you can use other scrapers to scrape for media .. skyskraper, skraper (uses etc. if your scraping for gameinfo only other scraper that can do it is skyskraper but there is no support for a windows version only real supported version is the linux and thus pi version but it can scrape for gameinfo you just have to know what your doing with it.