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Hyper Themes - Emulation Station conversion
« on: October 21, 2019, 05:50:24 AM »
Over the past few years, I've worked a lot with Dwayne Hurst (the Emulation Station theme maker), and have ported a few of his themes to Attract Mode.

This is a conversion based on his Hyper themes.

There are over 175 backgrounds, but only 20 are able to be chosen via layout options to be permanently shown.

However, you can choose "random" in layout options and Attract Mode will randomly show any of the available 175 backgrounds each time you go into a display.

There are two themes:

hyper_menu - used for the main Displays Menu / Nested Menu displays
hyper_systems - used for the individual system displays

They are for 16:9 formatted screens.

The download links are located here:

Here is a short video demo of it in action.
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