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Setting up artwork in Attract Mode step-by-step

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Setting up Artwork for Attract Mode is easy. If you understand the concept of setting up roms and the executable then you understand the basic concept of setting up artwork.

1. First take note of where your artwork is on your computer. Examples:
Windows C:\mame\marquees
Linux $HOME/.mame/marquees
MAC OS $HOME/mame/marquees

2. Start Attract Mode
3. Press TAB
4. Go to emulators
5. pick your emulator (example mame)
6. Go to marquees
7. Type the path to your marquees
8. Do steps 6 and 7 for other types of artwork (snap, wheel, ect.)
9. Press esc twice (you should be at the list screen now)

Your artwork should display now! :)

Note that you can set up two types of artwork on one line by using a semi-colon to separate the two paths. (example
Windows C:\mame\snaps;C:\mame\videos
Linux $HOME/.mame/snaps;$HOME/.mame/videos
MAC $HOME/mame/snaps;$HOME/mame/videos

This would make the video snaps show in the same place the still pictures do...however the videos will "override" the still pictures.
This is good because it will show a still picture even though you do not have a video.

Also note that for the artwork to show, it must be named the same name as the rom/game name! Try to use your artwork in the "basic" layout first. If you have problems then it might be attract mode not liking it. If everything works then change the layout. If you are having trouble with that then contact the creator of the theme and hope that they will fix it. Not all artwork will display in a given layout. It depends on how the layout was written..that is if it was designed to show other artwork or not.

Explanation of types of artwork:
Marquee - The top "strip" of artwork normally found at the top of an arcade cabinet
Snap - A still picture (snapshot) of the game. Sometimes video(snap) this would be a short video showing gameplay
Flyer - An advertising flyer for the game normally given to arcade operators (or others) to promote the new games
Wheel - Artwork made to have a fancy list instead of just plain text
PCB - The picture of the arcade Printed Circuit Board
Control Panel (CP) - A picture of the game's control panel
Icon - An icon for the game (not used with Attract Mode but some other front ends do use them)
Cabinet (arcade) - A picture of the arcade cabinet

Tip: For some console emulators you can find "banners" normally the scan of the top of the game cartage. Those can be used as "marquees"

Places to get artwork:

can be downloaded in packs:
video snaps
Control panels

donation based*
all artwork (they have a program that will scan your roms and download the artwork for the games you have) *only for video snaps
wheel art

other (mostly custom artwork..but worth a look!)

   I already have a lot of artworks every type in a single zip file (, and so on)
Should i have to unzip them or it's possible to make attract to use the zip files?
thank you!

You will have to unzip them

I put my snaps in the right folder, named them correctly and startup attract mode.   When go into the game the snap starts to load, stops and then goes gray.


--- Quote from: epicrean on December 27, 2016, 05:09:37 PM ---I put my snaps in the right folder, named them correctly and startup attract mode.   When go into the game the snap starts to load, stops and then goes gray.

--- End quote ---

My guess is that you're using a Pi and videos that are too high of a resolution with software decoding. You need to enable hardware (mmal) decoding on your Pi or use lower resolution videos.


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