Author Topic: Arcade1up Pac-Man 40th Anniversary theme  (Read 415 times)


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Arcade1up Pac-Man 40th Anniversary theme
« on: August 12, 2020, 10:01:19 PM »
The Arcade1up 40th Anniversary arcade machine has a great UI, but was lacking some of the most popular vertical games. I was able to fully recreate the Pac-Man 40th Anniversary game selection UI in Photoshop, and jedione was a champ and able to turn that into an attract mode theme (thank you, jedione).

This theme was built to allow for a specific set of 20 games: BurgerTime, Dig Dug, Dig Dug II, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian, Jr. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1, Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2, Nibbler, Pac and Pal, Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pac-Mania, Space Invaders, and Super Pac-Man. The theme includes the stock machine's left/right sound, as well as the game selection sound. I also included the startup video.

Many people modding their Arcade1up machines don't know how to set up their raspberry pi without a pre-made image, so if anyone wants to make an image with this theme, please feel free!

Theme download:


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Re: Arcade1up Pac-Man 40th Anniversary theme
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2020, 12:14:02 AM »
Just a follow up on a small issue. When the menu first loads, there’s no game logo just blank rectangles. Once I move the joystick to scroll all the game images load.

Also the sound files not working

Disregard I see the issue. Script is set to #return to index 0 set to pacman
Im using puckman rom so it probably can't find it  ;D
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