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Theme Layout Help
« on: September 07, 2020, 09:09:11 PM »
There are some nice themes on here. I really like the robospin style. The nevato or like the coin ups style. Where it has the wheel with the cabinet image and the video snap appearing on the screen.

I had an idea to make a cool theme if anyone with time or want to work on a new project. I'm not good in creating one but maybe someone on here interested in helping out.

This would be an Arcade1up Theme style
just using arcade roms

On the cabinet style either having the front face image like this

Or the 3D slanted angle which shows the cab as well like this

I'm more of a fan of the second one. Almost like robospin format.

Make the marquee to change with the video snap.

Maybe even have an option to change the cabinet or just renaming a photo and you can switch it to a different cab like this. Or make separate layout for each.

They even release some party cades. A whole layout with just party cades would be hot too.

There is also a default one here

The arrow selector for the wheel where u select the rom use a small image of this

The background can either be all black or using the brick

Make a layout that works horizontally and one for the vertical cabs.

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