Author Topic: Theme Gallery, place a thumb image of your theme here. Max size < 300x300  (Read 93157 times)


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Re: Theme Gallery, place a thumb image of your theme here. Max size < 300x300
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Simple vertical theme based on the one from cools.

Download here


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My YouTube channel with a big collection of attract mode themes easy to find
« Reply #46 on: February 09, 2020, 05:51:10 AM »
Hi. In my channel ,I have add in a Playlist most of the themes from here , to be in one place organized and be tracked very fast, (those I found video) , but also many more from other sites , forums etc. I will add more from other sources, if I found in future, or if anyone wants to be in my collection. I have links to the original developers threads here (so many viewers who doesn't know the forum, or what attract mode is, will be targeting to this forum), and to the original places to download .Anyone who find useful the idea take a look and support by subscribing if you like.
Attract mode is only a placelist as I have other subjects also in my channel . Its a new channel with a few subscribers for now.

I actually believe that I support the forum with this, but if any admin thinks  different , feel free to delete my post without farther notice, as in don't actually earn anytime for this, and I don't target to earn in the future. I just had the time and the will to do the idea.
 Thanks ,


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PCCA layout

100% hyperspin replacement , use same theme and folders structure than the real hyperspin .

Youtube Video



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TurboGrafx-16 mini layout

visually identical to the real console, but with every game you could ever want!

original post here:

demo video here:
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The Great Themes Collection includes 88 beautiful original themes for Arcade, Console, Computer and Handheld systems.
It is best suited for wide screen displays.

Download and learn more here:

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