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Version History
10th April 2016 - v0.1
- First Version

16th April 2016 - v0.2
- RetroPie 3.7
- Attract Mode 2.0.0 - 15th April 2016
- Shaders configured for RetroArch emulators
- AM configs pre-configured to match most RetroPie emulators
- Artwork directories created in the roms directories of the systems
- Extra AM layouts/themes pre-installed
- Exit to from AM to ES and vice versa
- Added MAME controls.ini, nplayer.ini, catver.ini to help filters in AM
- Fixed keyboard hang (hacked boot delay)
- Added boot script by Shakz (to flip between ES and AM)
- Hide motd, rainbow splashscreen and raspberry logo appearing
- Hide last login and uname output
- Stop white screen with X boot info showing
- Selected new version of Robospin as default theme
- Setting correct aspect ratio for re-configured systems
- Various small tweaks
- Install intro video for AM

2nd May 2016 - v0.3
- Recompiled AM with new SFML so X is no longer needed (
- This means runcommand now works under Attract Mode, and emulators that use SDL 1.2 can now be run with attractmode outside of X with hardware scaling.
- Advmame for example scaled only in software in X. Now it will use hardware scaling.
- Updated configs to no longer start X
- Updated Emulators to use runcommand (

7th May 2016 - v0.4
- Kodi Installed
- Daphne Installed
- Updated some Attract Mode layouts
- Added more emulator configs

8th May 2016 - v0.4 Artwork
- As 0.4 but with MAME artwork
- Stored under the mame-libretro roms directory
- Credits to and omegaman on the AM forums
- Full credits and author details in the readme folder

23rd August 2016 - v0.5
- RetroPie 4.0.1 (22nd August)
- Attract Mode 2.1.0 (22nd August)
- Experimental version of Emulation Station with grid mode
- Video Manager tool pre-installed, but not configured
- RetroPie setup script accessible within Attract Mode
- No X mode installed/configured

Known Issues
- AM startup error
AL lib: (WW) alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend "pulse"
glGetError 0x500
glGetError 0x500
glGetError 0x500

To Do
- Auto resize image partitions
- Remove console output for clean boot
- Change scripts to not reboot when switching FE?
- Use integer scaling?
- Other Stuff

I moved Floob's new image here. I highly recommend you check out his youtube tutorials if you have any problems. Thanks...


--- Quote ---- Fixed keyboard hang (hacked boot delay)
--- End quote ---
Im still having problems with keyboard, some times i need to unplug and plug again to work. Its randomly, some times is after a few minutes, some times is after hours...
Im using a raspberry pi 2

I added a "sleep 10" command here

you could play with that, or try using the usbwait command in the cmdline.txt file

Very nice work love it. I have an arcade I bought but was using a PC now I can just use the PI

I was wondering when it boots up it takes you to a menu and you have to hit left or right to get the wheels for each emulator. Anyway to start it up on an emulator or to remove the menu all together?

Layout is real nice for wheels marquee snaps and easy to update. There are some roms that I have to have in folder to get them to work. Is there any way to have the layout display just the roms that have wheel art or snap art and hide all that do not.

I see you can add emulators and change executable. On emulation station some games had to be changed on what emulator you use. Is there a link to where the other mame emulator is. I don't know how to locate the location

Thank You great work


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