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General / Mame software list import issue
« on: August 20, 2016, 04:50:08 AM »
I am trying to create a display per system (snes, etc...) from mame complete romset
Windows 10 x64, so used latest mame 64 bit here: > "mame0176b_64bit.exe" []

I would prefer have "Attrack Mode" get the list per system by itself, but seem like the whole list is taken (lxml) or crash (listsoftware). Used the Emulator configuration below:

Code: [Select]
# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.1.0
executable           C:\mame\mame64.exe
args                 snes -cart "[romfilename]"
rompath              Z:\Software\Emulation\Media\Roms\Mame\
romext               .zip;.7z
system               snes;Super Nintendo (SNES)
info_source          listxml
import_extras        Z:\Software\Emulation\Emulators\Mame\Catver.ini;Z:\Software\Emulation\Emulators\mame\nplayers.ini
artwork    flyer           Z:\Software\Emulation\Media\Flyer
artwork    marquee         Z:\Software\Emulation\Media\Marquee
artwork    snap            Z:\Software\Emulation\Media\Snaps;Z:\Software\Emulation\Media\Snaps\Videos
artwork    wheel           Z:\Software\Emulation\Media\Wheel

So i thought i would create it manually, no command prompt i did create the listsoftware xml (attached) with:
Code: [Select]
C:\mame>mame64 -listsoftware snes>"mame - snes.xml"Moved the xml file to "Attract Mode" folder, then in command line:
Code: [Select]
C:\Users\Default.DESKTOP-B6V7IAG\Desktop\attract-v2.1.0-win64>attract -i "mame - snes.xml"
Code: [Select]
*** Importing Collection/Rom List: mame - snes.xml
[Import mame - snes.xml] - Imported 0 entries.
[Import Z:\Software\Emulation\Emulators\Mame\Catver.ini] - found info for 0 entries.
[Import Z:\Software\Emulation\Emulators\mame\nplayers.ini] - found info for 0 entries.

"attract /?" gives:
Code: [Select]
  -i, --import-romlist <file> [emu]
     Import romlist from the specified file. Supported formats:
        *.lst (Mamewah/Wahcade!)
        *.txt (Attract-Mode)
        *.xml (Mame listxml format or HyperSpin)
     The emulator to use for list entries can be specified as well

listsoftware xml don't seem to be supported. however states:
Code: [Select]
You can also import romlists from mame listxml files as well as gamelists for other frontends. Supported source files include: *.lst (MameWah lists), *.txt (Attract-Mode lists) and *.xml (Mame listxml, listsoftware and HyperSpin lists):
The emulator page for mame list the listsoftware option so should be supported (although it crashes)

How can i fix command line list import?
Will it fix the crash when importing listsoftware from the gui ?
posted reply in which seem to share some of the symptoms

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