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General / Super Сasual Dating Authentic Maidens
« Last post by nister on Today at 04:45:01 PM »
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Themes / Nostalgic Build, theme per system AM+
« Last post by zestful on Today at 12:35:44 PM »
Couple of months into this build thought I'd pop on here and share the progress, I'll share for all to use and abuse when done :-)

Nostalgic themed build, with a individual themes for each console / handheld / computer.

Preview here:
Themes / Re: Arcadeflow theme v 17.0 [Release] Updated 01 March 2024
« Last post by zpaolo11x on Yesterday at 05:38:20 AM »
Arcadeflow 17.0 is out!

- Added option to disable scanlines in screensaver
- Improved rendering of shadow of history title
- Fixed bugs in game history page
- Fixed issue when emulator is not correct
- Cleaned up documentation
- Minor bug fixes

General / Keyboard Recognition Issue in Remote Location
« Last post by tutle79 on February 26, 2024, 11:56:26 PM »
Hello, everyone.
I'm trying to connect to a host PC using Microsoft's Remote Desktop client app and then run attract mode to enjoy gaming. However, while the arrow keys, tab key, and escape key are recognized, the alphabet keys are not.

I've tried several mapping programs, but to no avail. It seems like the alphabet keys are being transmitted in a specific packet format. I'm looking for a solution to this problem. Does anyone know a solution?
General / como dejar en modo estatico el menu en pc games cuando estos cargan lento
« Last post by yiri on February 26, 2024, 07:09:48 AM »
hola a todos un saludo tengo este detalle  cuando cargo algunos juegos de pc que demoran en cargar y salir a pantalla completa mas de 10 segundos , si los escojo desde el menu de atracmode este deja de estar estatico luego de cargar a los 8 segundos y vuelve a estar como activo , quisiera saber como  hacer para que este tiempo que demora en cargar el nuevo juego o aplicacion siga estatico el menu tiempo indefinido o minimo un minuto , hay forma de ello ?  pues el problema que se ve cuando pasa esto es que podria mover la lista de juegos luego de la carga de dicha nueva aplicacion y esto molesta ya que se escuchan los sonidos de video y es posible cargar otra aplicacion sin querer encima de la que ya se esta ejecutando , gracias por su ayuda  estoy atento.
Themes / Re: ArcadeBliss - Cab Edition: 2016-05-16 Update
« Last post by ArcadeBliss on February 25, 2024, 06:12:27 AM »

This has nothing to do with the Attract Mode theme (which looks cool) but your swappable control panels. I LOVE that idea. I wanted to do that for my Taito cabinet but abandoned the idea when I discovered that I'd have to rewire the coin mechs (I don't use buttons to replicate coin drops, only the real thing). However, seeing your rack of control panels makes me want to revisit the Molex idea where I wire a Ultimarc control board to a female end and then attach a male end to each of the control panels. Either that or do a smaller Molex for the coin mechs and then just mount a dedicated control board to each control panel and then go USB to the PC.

Which method do you use?

Talk about bringing up the dead :). I use an iPac wired to a SCSI 50 pin connector and an OptiPac wired to a 25pin parraliall port connector. I then just connect the control panels as needed with one cable. That cable also connects to my LED Wiz to handie the lit buttons
Themes / Re: Atari Flashback 50th Anniversary-like Theme?
« Last post by Draugr on February 23, 2024, 07:24:18 AM »
206 views and no reply. Guess that says "Nope there isn't a Flashback like theme for AM." LOL :)

Hopefully someday. :)
General / Optimal Сasual Dating Genuine Damsels
« Last post by gucaza on February 23, 2024, 03:21:25 AM »
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Themes / Re: Classic Anime & Tokusatsu (C.A.T.) JukeBox v2 update 2
« Last post by kent79 on February 22, 2024, 10:01:31 PM »
Update to v2 update 2

- To simplify the Song infomation input, the Region & Rating is combined to romlist file now.

all songs infomation related of AM romlist file only. Below is the format sample


Dragon Ball GT OP1;Dragon Ball GT OP1;CAT;;1996;Akira Toriyama;;;;;;;;ドラゴンボールGT OP;龍珠GT片頭曲;;;;;J;3
Slamdunk ED1;Slamdunk ED1;CAT;;1993;Nariai Takehiko;;;;;;;;スラムダンクED;男兒當入樽片尾曲;;;;;J;4
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power;She-Ra and the Princesses of Power;CAT;;1985;Mattel, Inc.;;;;;;;;;She-Ra片頭曲;;;;;US;0

- set Region field value of J,US,E,GER,CHI,UK,KOR or TW. It represents region flag image. If value does not set, japan flag is default.

- set Rating field value between 0-5. It represents 0-5 stars image. If value does not set, 0 star image is default.
Themes / Atari Flashback 50th Anniversary-like Theme?
« Last post by Draugr on February 21, 2024, 08:17:01 PM »
Hi Everyone.

I wanted to ask if anyone is aware of a theme for AM that looks similar to the Atari Flashback 50th Anniversary menu system? I'm building a console emulation PC with AM and was hoping to find a theme that looked similar to the GUI found on the 50th Anniversary Flashback unit.

I did do some searching on Google but didn't find anything.

If anyone is aware of one or something similar, please let me know.

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