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space-trace "release"
« on: April 05, 2018, 09:10:42 PM »
hey guys ...

a new theme that i just got back to..and wanted to release..

it's calle space-trace

ill call it finished but they never realy are!

i would like to add a bunch of opions but havent..for one reason
im not shure what would be best maybe you could tell me..

so im releasing it....

here is how to use config for the art

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.3.0
executable           C:\arcadesd\mame\mame0.180\mame64.exe
args                 [name]
rompath              C:\arcadesd\mame\mame0.180\roms\vertshmups
romext               .zip;.7z;<DIR>
system               shmups
artwork    flyer          C:\arcadesd\mame\mame0.180\roms\vertshmups\flyer
artwork    marquee         C:\arcadesd\mame\mame0.180\roms\vertshmups\marquee
artwork    snap           C:\arcadesd\mame\mame0.180\roms\vertshmups\snaps
artwork    video           C:\AM\systems\vertshmups\video
artwork    wheel           C:\arcadesd\mame\mame0.180\roms\vertshmups\marquee

you will need the fadeart
and the shuffle modules that are included.

you will put them in your "modules folder...ok

hope you enjoy....

youtebe preview =


i was keeping it simple use it on the pi.....but not tried yet....

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