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Keyboard not working after returning from game
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:12:49 PM »

When I first load up Attract Mode I can control the menu in the normal way using my keyboard. After clicking to launch a game (Retroarch) and exiting (esc key) I return to Attract Mode but I am unable to move the menu. AM hasn't crashed but it just won't accept input from the keyboard.

Strangely, I did find that plugging in a USB controller allowed some control back and after setting that up against the keyboard control mapping I am able to now exit properly (or start a new game).

I can't post logs because there isn't any errors.

Code: [Select]
startx attractDebian 9.4 (no desktop environment installed)

Attract Mode locally compiled from main branch
Attract-Mode v2.3.0-48 (Linux, SFML 2.4 +FontConfig +GLES +SWF +7z)
avcodec 57.64.101 / avformat 57.56.101 / swscale 4.2.100 / swresample 2.3.100

Retroarch locally compiled from main branch 1.7.3

Here's the last log (in it's entirety) but as you can see, nothing here to report:
Code: [Select]
Attract-Mode v2.3.0-48 (Linux, SFML 2.4 +FontConfig +GLES +SWF +7z)
avcodec 57.64.101 / avformat 57.56.101 / swscale 4.2.100 / swresample 2.3.100

Config: /home/blackcab/.attract/attract.cfg

*** Initializing display: 'mame'
 - Loaded master romlist 'mame' in 270 ms (34774 entries kept, 0 discarded)
 - Constructed 10 filters in 275 ms (347740 comparisons)
 - Loaded layout: /usr/local/share/attract/layouts/Basic/ (layout.nut)
*** Running: retroarch -L "/home/blackcab/.config/retroarch/cores/" "/home/blackcab/.attract/romlists/mame-latest/arcade/mame/"

Code: [Select]
# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.3.0-48
display mame
layout               Basic
romlist              mame
in_cycle             yes
in_menu              yes
filter               All
filter               "NoMOPMUC Games"
rule                 Title not_contains bootleg|prototype|Trivia|Quiz|Mahjong|Japan
rule                 Manufacturer not_contains bootleg
rule                 Category contains Climbing|Fighter|Misc.|Multiplay|Not Classified|Player|Shooter|Sports|2.5D|3D|Adventure|Asian 3D|Baseball|Boat|Boxing|Command|Darts|Digging|Driving|Driving 1st Person|Driving Horizontal|Drop|Fighter|Fishing|Flying (chase view)|Flying Diagonal|Flying Vertical|Golf|Hang Gliding|Horse Racing|Japanese|Korean|Maze|Misc.|Misc. Vertical|Outline|Pad|Ping Pong|Pool|Race (chase view)|Race 1st P Bike|Race Bike|Racing|Run Jump|Shooter Large|Shooter Small|Shuffleboard|Skiing|Sliding|Tennis|Toss|Versus|Vertical|Walking|1st Person|2D|3rd Person|Armwrestling|Basketball|Bowling|Breakout|Compilation|Dodgeball|Driving (chase view)|Driving Diagonal|Driving Vertical|English|Field|Fighter Scrolling|Flying|Flying 1st Person|Flying Horizontal|Football|Go|Gun|Handball|Hockey|Horseshoes|Mini-Games|Multiplay|Pinball|Plane|Pong|Race|Race (chase view) Bike|Race 1st Person|Race Track|Rugby Football|Run Jump Scrolling|Shooter|Shooter Scrolling|Skateboarding|SkyDiving|Soccer|Sumo|Swimming|Timing|Track & Field|Versus Co-op|Volleyball|Wrestling
rule                 Control contains doublejoy|joy|lightgun|mouse|only_buttons|positional|stick
rule                 Control contains 2-way|4-way|8-way
rule                 Control not_contains paddle|pedal|mechanical
rule                 Status equals good|imperfect
filter               NeoGeo
rule                 AltRomname contains neogeo
rule                 Status equals good|imperfect
filter               SHMUPs
rule                 Title not_contains bootleg|prototype|Sports|Trivia|Quiz|Mahjong
rule                 Manufacturer not_contains bootleg
rule                 Category contains Flying
rule                 Status equals good|imperfect
filter               Mature
rule                 Category contains Mature
filter               Fighter
rule                 Category contains Fighter
filter               Mini-Games
rule                 Category contains Mini-Games
filter               Sports
rule                 Category contains Sports
filter               Tabletop
rule                 Category contains Tabletop
filter               Favourites
rule                 Favourite equals 1

sound_volume         100
ambient_volume       100
movie_volume         50

next_filter          LControl+Right
edit_game            Escape+Down
next_filter          Joy0 Right+Joy0 Button0
edit_game            Joy0 Down+Joy0 Button1
up                   Up
up                   Joy0 Up
down                 Down
down                 Joy0 Down
left                 Left
left                 Joy0 Left
right                Right
right                Joy0 Right
filters_menu         Joy0 Left+Joy0 Button0
filters_menu         Num5+Num6
configure            Tab
configure            Joy0 Up+Joy0 Button1
configure            Num2
add_favourite        Joy0 Button0+Joy0 Button1
add_favourite        LAlt
next_letter          LControl+Down
next_letter          Joy0 Down+Joy0 Button0
next_letter          F
prev_letter          LControl+Up
prev_letter          Joy0 Up+Joy0 Button0
prev_letter          R
select               Return
select               LControl
select               Num1
select               Joy0 Button0
back                 Joy0 Button1
back                 LShift
default             back exit
default             up prev_page
default             down next_page
default             left prev_game
default             right next_game

language             en
default_font         FreeSans
font_path            /usr/share/fonts/;$HOME/.fonts/
screen_saver_timeout 600
displays_menu_exit   yes
hide_brackets        no
startup_mode         default
confirm_favourites   yes
confirm_exit         yes
mouse_threshold      10
joystick_threshold   75
window_mode          default
filter_wrap_mode     default
track_usage          yes
multiple_monitors    no
smooth_images        yes
accelerate_selection yes
selection_speed_ms   40
scrape_snaps         yes
scrape_marquees      yes
scrape_flyers        yes
scrape_wheels        yes
scrape_fanart        no
scrape_videos        no
scrape_overview      yes
video_decoder        software
menu_prompt          Displays Menu

layout_config mvs-insertcoin
param                optPath /home/blackcab/.attract/layouts/mvs-insertcoin/

plugin History.dat
enabled              yes
param                button H
param                dat_path /home/blackcab/.attract/dat/history.dat
param                generate_index
param                index_clones No
param                rows 30

plugin UtilityMenu
enabled              no

plugin AudioMode
enabled              no
param                dir
param                info_button
param                skip_button

Read through all bugs relating to this but couldn't find anything except these
But both relate to focus issues were as I think my issue seems to be that gremlins go pulling wires inside my keyboard (I've tried other keyboards too but I must have a family of gremlins in each)

My video explanation


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