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General / Seeing Desktop on OS X when launching & ending games
« on: May 23, 2015, 03:58:34 PM »
EDIT: cleaned up post a little

SYSTEM: OSX 10.10 + AM 1.5.2
PROBLEM: when I launch a game AM dissappears for a moment showing desktop

To be exact it shows mission control - OS X specific function, something like "show all windows" (it looks like this -

And it gets worse after that because when exiting mame it doesn't get back to Attract Mode - I have to ALT-TAB back to AM.


All this above happend with GENERAL > WINDOW MODE > set to FULL SCREEN
When it is set to WINDOW, everything works like it should.


status on all 3 window modes:

- all ok

- shows desktop
- gets back to AM on game exit (but looses focus from time to time, with cursor showing on the top of AM window)

- shows desktop
- doesn't get back to AM on game exit


CPU: intel i5
SYSTEM: OS X 10.10.3
SLDMAME: 0.149

Thanks for the link. That source image is of better quality - so I’ll start that from scratch and make it already in HD resolution (1080p). It will scale down to 1024x768 just as good as it scales up now.

I’ll work on 4:3 aspect - as it will be more beneficial to you and probably for the others, since 4:3 is the golden standard in emulation. When everything will be ready - I’ll just make my own spin-off and make it 16:9 just for me and maybe a small widescreen minority.

I was thinking about adding special “effects” to overlay - like shadows, glows, rounded corners on screen, etc.
But I don’t know if anyone will notice :D

It’s a little hard to explain - maybe you can check out some overlay examples on my webpage with graphics for gamers -

Just scroll to the part (or click TWITCH at the top menu) - those are all .png overlays on plain rectangle objects (video, stats, alert boxes). Overlay adds shadows, scanlines, rounded corners, etc. I can make something similar for screen and marquee - but I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle. Let me know what do you think.

Yea, I think you're right - better to make a spin-off just for 16:9
And I could move the cabinet to the right - to fill that empty space
Maybe even add some side art.

I know I'm just an edge case - but I want to have my mame always with me, and that means it has to work on 16:9 widescreen 11" laptop.


Can you point me to the source of that robotron cab image (with the side not cropped)? I could start working on that image from scratch.
Or maybe any other good image of nice cab that we could use?


BTW you could use italic font for local title - it will be better match for the cab geometry that is in perspective


I've found a small bug in .nut

in line 42
there is ->   local mask = fe.add_image( "mask.png", 0, 0, flw, flx );
should be ->   local mask = fe.add_image( "mask.png", 0, 0, flw, flh );

this way it will also stretch vertically and add nice dark vignette corners also at the bottom

ok. tried that. It works. See attached picture.
As you've said - artwork position has to be fixed.
I've fixed top marquee for now.

But I was thinking - maybe it can be done in a way that will work in all popular aspects 4:3, 16:10, 16:9
Maybe relatively to height only? X axis positon can be calculated relatively to screen height. As I understand - flx*0.13 means relatively to screen width? like 0.13 of screen width. Maybe it could be 0.06 (or something) of screen height?


If you want to test layout for different aspects just change GENERAL > WINDOW MODE to "Window"
And resize your window to be 16:9 in proportons


As for my technique :) I'm seasoned graphics designer (15+ years under my belt) so I know my ways around. I have no tips for Gimp since I'm using Photoshop. But with PS I use shape tool to draw vector shape as a mask for an image.

Oh man! This is pure awesomeness!

But I've noticed that the arcade cab needs a little touch up.
For now I've cleaned up jagged lines at the edge. See attached image with before and after.
I'm attaching fixed robo.png file as well.


My main question is - is there a way to make this layout "responsive"?
Right now I'm using it on 16:9 screen and the layout is stretched - since it is clearly for 4:3 screen.
Truth to say - the cab looks stretched but the wheel seems in good ratio. Strange

Can this be coded to behave like this?

cab in fixed ratio aligned to the left   |  resizable background to fit   |   wheel in fixed ratio aligned to the right

This is great! Best theme hands down.

But I've downloaded your .nut files and:
1. obviously there are graphics files missing (arcade cabinet and background) as it is only a .nut config file
2. marquee and snaps are not skewed but straight rectangles

Can you share a whole folder with all files - so we can have a theme exactly like in your YT video?
Or I'm missing something?


BTW I'm a graphic designer - so if you want any help with graphics just PM me

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