Author Topic: stand alone enulators or libretro cores?  (Read 259 times)


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stand alone enulators or libretro cores?
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:12:01 AM »
I have used multiple emulators for all my retro gaming for many years. Then I found retroarch. I hated it....

I was stuck in my old ways and understanding...but I gave retroarch a chance and well it's what I use now..well almost...

See some retroarch cores just don't work as well as some stand alone emulators...however I had almost forgotten stand alone emulators exist still. So I am a little behind heh...

I would like to build a list of current stand alone emulators. I say current..old emulators like fusion still work..but not been updated in some time. As time moves on they tend not to work with newer OSes and computers...(when you make the list please note the OS, the system emulated and the name of the emulator. When adding the URL please link to the home page or github page. No links to multi emulator sites please!

I'll start this ball rolling...

dreamcast                                         Redream                                Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
Nintendo Entertainment System          Mesen                                    Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
Super Nintendo Entertainment System MesenS                                  Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
(Muliti-System)                                  Mednafen                    Lin/Win/Mac
arcade/multisystem                            MAME                      Lin/Win/Mac
Arcade                                              FinalBurn Neo   Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
BBC Micro computer                           B-EM               Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi
Classic MAC                                       MiniVmac   Lin/Win/Mac/Rpi

once we get it all together I'll make a clean readable table..maybe... :P
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