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Scripting / Re: Rom specific emulation - attract mode & retroarch
« on: March 17, 2022, 09:43:28 PM »
Thank You!

I see how that works now. 
I had to try several cores and finally I was able to get it to work.   (mame 2003 plus worked for

For those interested:

Adding a specific Retroarch core to a rom in Attract Mode (PC):

1. Set a key or button combination to edit game
    in Attract Mode -> configure(TAB) -> controls -> Edit Game.    (for me EDIT GAME was set to ESC+down)

2. Highlight your game and press the edit game button/key combo

3. Select Custom Executable, enter the same as in your layout emulator settings, in my case:    C:\RetroArch\retroarch.exe         

4. Select Custom Argument: enter the same as in your layout emulator settings, but change the core, in my case  the default in my layout was:       -L \RetroArch\cores\mame2010_libretro.dll "[romfilename]"
                                                                                                                                             but I wanted the mame 2003 plus core so I used this :     -L \RetroArch\cores\mame2003_plus_libretro.dll "[romfilename]"

Thanks to progets for the help

Scripting / Rom specific emulation - attract mode & retroarch
« on: March 17, 2022, 03:46:04 PM »
Is it possible to set a specific emulator for a rom? 

I have an "ARCADE" layout, and within that list of arcade games a specific game (bubble bobble) needs to use another emulator core within retroarch.
I noticed an "Emulator" value within the romlist but this does not seem to change things.

Thanks for any help.

Scripting / Re: Ultimarc ServoStik Plugin
« on: March 13, 2022, 05:33:01 PM »
OK I figured it out.
For clarity, here are all the steps:

1: Download the Joytray.exe program from ultimarc
2. Install it to the C:/Program Files (x86)/JoyTray/JoyTray.exe location  (otherwise change the address in the Joytray.nut file)
3. Copy Arcadefan1's code above to notepad and save it as JoyTray.nut into the plugins folder of Attract Mode
4. Look at / edit your romlist file.  (see Easier Romlist Editing below)
   - look in your \romlist foder
   - make a backup copy of your romlist
   - open the romlist you are working with in a text editor
   - the list is semicolon seperated values for your roms:

   - the 10th value, or "Control" needs to match the name in the JoyTray.nut file 
       Arcadefan1  uses the value:  "joystick (4-way),joystick (4-way)" in his code above.
       I simplified the value to: "4-Way Joystick"     
       so in my JoyTray.nut file  the line reads as:   if (fe.game_info( Info.Control ) == "4-Way Joystick")
       and in my romlist file, Mrs.Pacman (a 4-way game) is:   mspacman;Ms. Pacman;Arcade;;;Midway Games;Sandbox;2;;4-Way Joystick;;;;;Ms. Pac-Man;;;;;;
       * the plugin defaults to 8-way if no value is present, and 4-way if the value of "2-way"  is present in the romlist.

   - save the romlist
5. Start up Attract Mode and go into settings->Plug-ins, and enable the JoyTray plugin.

If everything is set up right things should be working. You should only hear the servo move when you change from 4-way to 8-way, or the opposite.
Remember to restart Attract Mode if you are actively editing the plugin or romlist.

Easier Romlist Editing. I imported it into google sheets (free with signup)

To open your romlist in google sheets:

0. Make a backup copy of your romlist file
1. Open Google Sheets
2. Choose “File” → “Import” → “Upload” → “Select a file from your computer.”
3. Choose your romlist file.
4. A  "Import File" window will pop up. Choose “Create new spreadsheet” "custom" and type  ";"   (no quotes) for the custom separator.
     now all the cells will be lined up and you can easily copy and paste "4-Way Joystick" or your chosen value onto the 4-way games.

To save your romlist as a .csv (comma separated values)  file:
1. Choose "File" -> "Download", and choose "Comma Separated Values"
2. Open the .csv file in a text editor and replace the commas with semicolons.   In notepad its the edit->replace function.  IN notepad++ its search->replace->replace all
3. Rename the .csv file to the original .txt filename  eg.  arcade.txt                 
4. Place the file back in your romlist folder.


1. Download and install Joytray.exe from ultimarc website
2. Copy Arcadefan1's code above and save it as JoyTray.nut in the plugins folder
3. Make sure "joystick (4-way),joystick (4-way)" is the 10th value for your 4-way games in your romlist
4. Activate the JoyTray plugin in Attract Mode. Restart Attract Mode if necessary.

Scripting / Re: Ultimarc ServoStik Plugin
« on: March 13, 2022, 04:44:05 PM »
I think you need to check what your "(fe.game_info( Info.Control )" actually contains in your setup. That's what I needed to change to get it working here...

I'm having issues implementing this plugin. I've saved it as a .nut and placed it in my plugins folder, and activated it. I've also installed the JoyTray application to the correct path. 

I'm not sure how to "check what your (fe.game_info( Info.Control ) actually contains in your setup".  I'm not sure how to display this info.

Thank you for any assistance.

Themes / Re: Intro Gallery - Post a link to your favourite intro
« on: February 10, 2022, 01:28:59 PM »
Since I'm new to frontends I don't have the foreknowledge of seeing the brand coming through the imagery.  My intention was to make an unbranded video depicting the excitement of the arcade or gaming experience.  I guess I failed there if it just leaves a bad taste in peoples mouth of "the other brand."

I agree there is something to be said of keeping things simple and clean, especially when you are going to listen or see something over and over.
I subscribe to the belief that it takes a lot of work to make something simple, and no work at all to make something complicated.

Sometimes nothing at all is better than a placeholder.

Thank you for your constructive criticism. 

Themes / Re: AM-Builder tutorial ?!
« on: February 09, 2022, 08:15:02 PM »
Hello everyone !

I discovered AM-Builder here but I don't understand how it works... where can I find a tutorial to create a custom theme ?

Greetings !

Yes, it seems somewhat difficult to use.  However if you download this:

... drag it to the AM-Builder (do not decompress). It is a pre-made layout.  It may help you see how the builder works.
Then you can press the "View Code" button to see code, and try and understand the functions. 

I found it on the Attract Mode Builder github page:

I hope this helps.

Themes / Intro Gallery - Post a link to your favourite intro
« on: February 09, 2022, 05:25:47 PM »
I was looking for a good into movie to open up my attract mode experience. I'm new to attract mode and I did some searching on you tube, but nothing was perfect.
I decided to grab some inspirational videos and remix them. This is not original content.

Here is the result: (sources are listed in the details of youtube video)

If you are interested I have uploaded a 320x240 size which is the same size as the AM intro, so it works full screen with the built in intro.nut file:  (This also works full screen on a vertical build)
Here is a hires  1920x1080 version if needed as well:
If you need a specific resolution higher than the 320x240 for your build message me and I will see what I can do.

I look forward to seeing some intros!


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