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How play "megaduck in attractmode" using retroarch? How CORE work?

I dont know how i make Creatronic Mega Duck works... please explain.. thanks!!

Themes / Re: TurboGrafx-16 mini layout update v2.1!!!
« on: September 03, 2021, 12:54:56 PM »
Please can someone help me... I want to know why the mini-pics don't match the higher-quality pics, the file names (mini and HD pics) are the same, and the mini pic matches the game name, but the big pic doesn't, but the name of the .PNG is correct and its the same, but each time the bigger photos appear in screen give a random cover not corresponding with the name of the game or the mini-photo. Where i make error?

Code: [Select]
please prevent fullquotes.
threads get unnecessary big and unreadable.
1) correct.
2) maybe the path environment is missed or something else
3) correct.

Sorry  :-[ and thank you  ;)!!! works now  ;D!! not perfect  :-\ but works!!


1 - In my batch-code i dont need "edit the files manually or use notepad++ with regular expressions." Right?

2 - But why here dont works WHY???? My Windows says... "'D' command is not recognized as an internal or external command or bat file"

3 - In WIN10 my friend say to me its works!!!  :-\  I repeat... here i use WIN7 mabe it is? you test the codes in WIN10 right?

I need help with folders and "txt" please help... Help Please ^^ ...

I need to put files from hundreds of folders into txt files BUT each folder named with its corresponding .txt from each folder.

And I need it to be in this format inside the .txt (if that's case I can also format after it inside the .txt later in this format I need):

In this case, it looks like this:


Please help, I found information about .bat on the internet to do this but I got a little confused.

You is the MAN!!  ;D

thanks friend!!! you help me

Man you're very good, take your time, use the time will need, we'll wait calmly, we know that codes to be good and light is a lot of work, because there's no point in a very beautiful and super heavy / slow theme, working to optimize the code by making it light is the best thing to do!  ;D ;)

My question is would you be able to provide the part that configures the control for all emulators or give any hints on how I can do this here? that's what caught my attention the most about your theme... a screen with control configuration that you will use, and the configure control, automatically controls all emulators, without having to configure one by one.  :)

I know that AM able to scan roms into subfolders  :) but here dont work... in my game roms path i have 4 roms type/extensions: .zip;.hdf;.xdf "and the .m3u"...

The file .m3u (m3u controls multiple discs) stay inside in folder for eath game with this same name, because have others multiple files(discs) please look:

And look my code:

Code: [Select]
# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.6.1
executable           M:\Emulators\RetroArch\retroarch.exe
args                 -L M:\Emulators\RetroArch\cores\px68k_libretro.dll "[romfilename]"
rompath              M:\Emulators\Sharp X68000\games
romext               <DIR>;.m3u;.zip;.hdf;.xdf

How i make this work... help!!!  :-\

Wait a minute *facepaw*

wrong path!

put this in as your rom [path] instead

Code: [Select]
rompath           "M:\Emulators\Colecovision\Colecovision rom\"
(that was my fault for not paying attention sorry!)  :-X

Nothing =( but BIG thanks for your help man...

try changing
Code: [Select]
rompath      roms

Code: [Select]
rompath     M:\Emulators\mameplus\   

in your mame .ini and see if that makes a did for me anyway.

i try... but nothing... so hard to make it works =(

Well I am not sure what the problem is. However as I said...

If you will use the gamesbd as an info source (i.e. info_source not info_source  listxml) when you build the list the list should contain long names even if you use mame roms for coleco vision on mame.

But that does not explain why you attract mode config is not working...  :-\

Could you post your mame.ini file please? specifically just these parts so that i can see your path setup please

homepath                  .
rompath     M:\Emulators\mameplus\   <-make sure you have this

I tired with my mame after changing my rom path and AM will not work... Put the right path in in the correct place and it works fine

if you need to make an ini file go to your mame directory and type
Code: [Select]
mame -cc

Code: [Select]
homepath                  .
rompath                   roms
hashpath                  hash
samplepath                samples
artpath                   artwork
ctrlrpath                 ctrlr
inipath                   .;ini;ini/presets
fontpath                  .
cheatpath                 cheat
crosshairpath             crosshair
pluginspath               plugins
languagepath              language
swpath                    software

I think, if i have any path error, the dont will work, but works!! and every game with short name works, only the big names dont...

I know you asked how to do this without RL but I want to make sure that you know that you can use RL with AM if your happy with your RL setup.

Oh thanks brother, really with RL works and i put in my AM using the RL, but i like/prefer if possible without RL...

This is so odd...


Code: [Select]
workdir             M:\Emulators\mameplusto
Code: [Select]
workdir             M:\Emulators\mameplus\

if you have the roms zipped (.zip) and one rom uncompressed (.col) that is why you have two of the same game

Also note you can use a different emulator for coleco games

The works with bouth

Code: [Select]
workdir             M:\Emulators\mameplusOr
Code: [Select]
workdir             M:\Emulators\mameplus\
but the other with big name dont work with any!! =(  :-[

why you have two of the same game

Only for testing... i will delete one or other with we make work here...

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