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Themes / Re: TurboGrafx-16 mini layout update v2.1!!!
« on: October 21, 2021, 12:28:10 PM »
I actually coded this layout almost 2 years ago, and haven't worked on it sense, but looking back at my original post, it looks like I included a program that automatically resizes your pics for use with the mini carousel. It might just be that program is messed up, or it was used incorrectly.

My best guess is that it is a file extension error, maybe the code only looks for .jpg and the files are .png or vice versa

Honestly, if I were you, id learn how attract mode uses these images by looking through the code (just open it in notepad++) I remember trying to make my code very readable for the average person, in case they wanted to learn the way I did,( by backwards engineering another layout) so the code is broken up in to many different chunks that are labeled pretty thoroughly. I worked with about 3 other people on some of the graphical effects, and borrowed code from many other layouts, and all are credited within the code so you can look them up in this forum.

Good luck on getting it working!

Scripting / Beginners Guide to Coding Squirrel for Attract Mode!
« on: February 27, 2021, 01:27:50 PM »
about a year ago, i started learning to code, with the end goal of rebuilding the turbografx mini GUI as an Attract Mode layout. it took me about 2 weeks to learn enough to feel confident enough to start, and I (Basically) finished the layout within that month (May 2020). this was my first experience coding, so I was starting from scratch.

check out that layout here:

any of you who have tried to learn, or remember starting to code in squirrel know how little info there is about this language out there.

I ended up using a mix of 2 or 3 resources, the attract mode recourse thing, and that IoT tech resource that people talk about.

during my time learning, I was taking notes, and I believe that this info could be useful to others starting out!

there might be some slightly incorrect info, but I think it's all good enough to teach the basics.

the useful info starts on page 5 I think.

Themes / Re: TurboGrafx-16 mini layout update v2.1!!!
« on: July 03, 2020, 04:31:34 PM »
why no official release?  it has been out on arcade punks for a minute....

kind of a hit and run.....but cool theme thanks bra.

Haha, sorry. I haven't had time to work on it. But I definitely plan on working on it again soon!

General / Re: [HELP] Function Control
« on: June 04, 2020, 09:33:32 PM »
try something simple like this:
Code: [Select]
function minimenu (str){
if (str=="select")
if (minimenu == false){
elseif (minimenu == true){

if thats having some probs, change your action button to custom (str to "custom1-4")

General / Re: [HELP] Function Control
« on: June 02, 2020, 10:14:45 PM »
in your code, it says, if the menu is visible, hide the menu when you click enter (I assume the "hide_menu()" function has nothing about selecting a game in it):
Code: [Select]
if (signal == "select"){

if (menu.visible) hide_menu();
else show_menu();
return true;


remove "hide_menu()" and replace it with fe.signal( select )

for more context read this:

General / Re: To developers (implementation)
« on: June 02, 2020, 10:03:11 PM »
man, this would be great. my tg-16 theme runs heavily on .mov files right now, and I'm working on getting them small enough to run it on a pi, without losing their quality

Themes / Re: [V1.0 Release][WIP] Famicom Mini/NES Mini theme
« on: June 02, 2020, 09:58:04 PM »
Hello, I'm new to Attract Mode, and trying to get this theme working.  I notice that when I push up to get to the config and press the button to enter it, pushing up will change the game I was on, and pressing the button will launch it.  I don't want either of these to occur.  Is there something that I'm doing wrong? Anyway to correct it?  Thanks very much.

this is because by default those buttons are set up as [NextGame],[PrevGame], and [select]. just hit tab, scroll up to controls, find previous game, next game in the list, and remove their inputs. remember to use the custom2 input (at the bottom of the controls list) as your selection button while in the mini menu. I hope you like attract mode!

also, if you want to try some other great themes try here:

and finally, I'm gonna shamelessly plug my most recent theme:

Themes / Re: TurboGrafx-16 mini layout update v2.1!!!
« on: May 31, 2020, 12:19:20 AM »
so, now that this is a pc-engine, coregrafx, and turbografx layout, should i keep the name "TurboGrafx-16 mini", or should i change it to something like: "NEC mini" or "CoreTurboEngineGrafx mini"?

open to ideas!

Scripting / Re: shuffle module with text help
« on: May 29, 2020, 01:24:59 PM »
i can show you , when i get off at 6 tonight,,, 

if you want let me know.... :P

Totally, Thanks! ;D

Scripting / shuffle module with text help
« on: May 29, 2020, 01:08:56 PM »
I want to change the alignment and font of a game list made with the shuffle module, how is this done?

Scripting / Re: found a bug, anyone know a work-around?
« on: May 27, 2020, 03:25:28 PM »
I tried using fe.game_info(Info.Players), but it had the same bug

i found a way that works for me, though it doesn't really work as an alternative for this.

mainly, i used the .file_name because the "players" element needs to be modified later in the script and that was the easiest way i could think of the make an element and change what it was depending on a layout option.

when that started bugging out, I tried just moving the "players" element into the if() statement:
Code: [Select]
if ( config["design"] == "TurboGrafx-16" )
local players = fe.add_image("ui/turbo/P[Players].png", 1126, 845, 120, 70)

but that didn't allow me to change it later in the script, so finally, I just made a surface, added the "players" element inside the if() statement, and did my modifications (visibility) directly to the surface, instead of the "players" element:
Code: [Select]
local david = fe.add_surface(fe.layout.width,fe.layout.height)

local config = fe.get_config()
if ( config["design"] == "TurboGrafx-16" )
local playersimg = david.add_image("ui/turbo/P[Players].png", 1126, 845, 120, 70)

Scripting / Re: Possible to delay starting an emulator?
« on: May 27, 2020, 10:12:20 AM »
I tried doing exactly what you're doing last week, and I think the problem is that a layout can't control it, though something that works on a higher level can, such as plugins

try using keilmillerjr's fade to game plugin

it adds a fade to black every time you select a game, and a fade from black when you return from a game

Scripting / Re: Beginner
« on: May 27, 2020, 10:09:55 AM »
I started with this guide to give me a basic idea of how things worked:

if there's anything you don't understand, reference this:

and if you want a more in-depth understanding, take notes on the electric imp documentation:

(just go down the list)

definitely, that's a great recourse!
And you can also refer to the standard Squirrel documentation:

General / go re-scrape your pcengine/turbografx flyers!
« on: May 26, 2020, 12:58:53 AM »
I just spent some time unifying thegamesdb's entire collection of turbografx and PC engine games to match the standard square game art.
 about 330 flyers were redone in total! but it's worth it 'cause now your flyers don't have a different format for every game ;D

Themes / Re: need some beta testers for a theme
« on: May 25, 2020, 08:07:02 PM »
Change window mode to windowed or windowed no border. Then, edit with appropriate dimensions to test.

i mostly want to test if the pi is physically powerful enough, not just if it could theoretically run

Q: do you have a pie, ? 

and are you targeting, new 4 or all...

i have a pi 2, but I've already tested it and it doesn't work. any would be fine for testing, though I doubt anything older than a pi 3 would run it well

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